I never seem to grow tired of flowers. And this version reminds me of being a kid, with a grown-up twist.Did you ever make those tissue paper flowers in grade school? You know, where you fold them up like a fan and then pull the petals back?
Yep, that’s what we’re doing here!
But by using paper napkins, instead of tissue paper, the flowers have a more structured hold. They almost look like fabric.
And the white ones look like real magnolias to me. So pretty.
These are very easy to make and add a lovely touch to any sort of Celebration or even your day-to-day decor.

Use them to decorate a table:
Make a whole army of flowers, string them together and hang them on the wall.
Wallflower garland:
Or link your large wallflowers and hang them vertically. It adds nice accent to a big plain wall:
They’ll be a conversation starter when visitors come to your home.

You can find the complete Wallflowers Tutorial HERE .
(and in the TUTORIALS tab at the top of the blog):


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