Waiting for Harrison

Only 2 weeks till we meet our new nephew Harrison. As every mom of a baby boy discovers, it’s difficult to find cute boy clothes (or at least it’s more limited). So when my sister-in-law told me she was having a hard time shopping for the little guy, I got out my supplies. I guess I went a little overboard with my version of boy stuff (but I sure had fun doing it):
I did a bunch of freezer-paper stenciled onesies and made a few pairs of pants to go along. I also discovered this new trick for mixing paint colors: empty baby food containers! I’ve always saved my Gerber bowls for something. Now they have a purpose! Mix your colors in the bowl and if you need to save the leftover for another coat, just put on the lid:These are simple stretch pants made of white knit. The onesie and the green BOY one below, were dyed with RIT dye. For a good simple tutorial on RIT dyeing, click here. And since he’ll be born in Utah, this only seemed appropriate:
I found a cheap onesie in the Dollar Section of Target and loved the elephants, but hated everything else about it. So I cut out the elephants and sewed them on top of this onesie (which I also didn’t like…there’s some ugly baseball icon under the Elephants). Probably the easiest thing I’ve ever made!
And a pair of “jeans” to go along. A baby is the only boy who can get away with wearing waist-gathered pants, I think:
This ensemble is probably my favorite. Two onesies, cowboy and Owl, and a pair of lined pants for the cold winter:Owl’s eyes and legs are embroidered with orange thread:The pants are olive green linen with slate gray knit lining. Very similar to the pants I made for Jumper but no knee pads. He won’t be needing those yet.We can’t wait to meet Harrison! No matter what he’s wearing, he’s bound to be a cutie. Welcome to the family little guy!

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