Do you love our detailed tutorials?
Then welcome to our new show—MADE Everyday, with Dana!…where it all comes to life.

We’re going to help you make everyday items you’ll love and use.
Because life is busy…for all of us.   So I like projects that come together quickly and have big payoff.
Come create and sew with me!


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HOW TO MAKE A PILLOW or CUSHION WITH PIPING ATTACHED  – Let’s combine your skills: Pillows + Piping together!  I’ll show you a cool trick for making the piping AS you sew it to the pillow.

HOW TO MAKE A CIRCLE SKIRT  Circle skirts are fun to wear no matter what age you are! They twirl, they look adorable, and….they’re easy to make.  We’ll do some simple math to create our pattern and then sew it together with a simple elastic waistband.

HOW TO MAKE A BIRTH DAY HOSPITAL GARLAND – Garlands are simple and fun!  And lately, I’ve been making them for my friends to take to the hospital for the Birth Day of their baby.  Wrap the garland around the baby bassinet or hang it above the hospital bed, and give your celebration some color!  The nurses will be smiling for days.

HOW TO MAKE A DIAPER COVER, two ways – Diaper covers are the cutest thing—next to a baby’s bum, that is.  I’ll show you two ways to make a simple diaper or nappy cover.  PLUS I have a free pattern that goes along! (details here)

HOW TO MAKE A PAIR OF SHORTS OR PANTS, for any age – I’ll show you all the basics for sewing a pair of shorts for you kids, for your baby, or for YOU.  Check the printable pattern that goes with this video HERE.

HOW TO MAKE AND USE PIPING – Piping is a fun trim that adds a 3D pop of color to your projects.  Use it on a pocket, around a pillow, on a dress, and so much more.

HOW TO MAKE A CRIB OR TODDLER SHEET – The day I figured out how to make a crib sheet, is the day my life was changed.  It’s so easy!  And with so many cute fabrics out there, a simple sheet can transform your child’s room.  So make one for your baby.  Then make them as gifts for everyone you know!

HOW TO SEW A PILLOWCASE – If you want to learn to sew, or you’re just getting started, this is THE project for you.  A pillowcase only takes 1 yard of fabric, and a few straight lines.  I’ll show you two ways to make one with standard quilting cotton and with cozy fleece.

HOW TO SEW A PAIR OF LEGGINGS – I have a guest joining me!…and we’ll show you two ways to sew a pair of leggings for any age (babies up to adults).  First we’ll sew on a standard sewing machine—and then we’ll sew on a serger.

HOW TO SEW A PENCIL SKIRT, IN 20 MINUTES – This is one of my favorite projects!…because it’s so easy, with big payoff.  All your friends are going to think your skirt came from a store…and it only takes 20 minutes!

HOW TO SEW A LINED ZIPPER POUCH – Put your zipper skills to use!  Let’s make simple, lined zipper pouches…and then you’ll want to make 10 more.

HOW TO SEW WITH KNIT FABRICS + HOW TO MAKE STRETCHY HEADBANDS – If you’ve ever been afraid to sew with knits, today is your day!  Come watch and you’ll be sewing like a pro…on a standard sewing machine.

HOW TO MAKE EASY YARN POM POMS – The only tools you need to make cute pom poms are your fingers and scissors….and yarn, of course.  Come pom with me!

HOW TO SEW A ZIPPER, TWO WAYS – Put your zipper fears behind you!  I’ll show you two simple ways to sew a basic zipper.

HOW TO SEW A TOTE BAG, TWO WAYS – Learn to make a basic tote bag….then we’ll box out the sides and bottom to give it a polished look.

HOW TO TIE THE PERFECT BOW, EVERY TIME – This will change your life. I promise.

GO-TO BABY BLANKET – It’s my favorite blanket because it takes about 20 minutes to make!  Sew one for your baby, as a gift, for a doll, ….even for a pet!

HOW TO SEW A SIMPLE SKIRT, TWO WAYSsingle layer and double-layer

HOW TO SEW A BASIC T-SHIRT FOR KIDS AND ADULTS – sew one in just 4 simple steps!

PLACEMAT BIBS – turn a $1 placemat into a simple, darling, bib.  Great for your kids; great for gifts!

TWO WAYS TO SEW A PILLOW – basic throw pillow and envelope pillow sham

HOW TO MAKE YARN LAMPSHADES, LANTERNS AND GLOBES – light a room or decorate a party with a classy spin on an old favorite

BIAS TAPE – Everything you need to know about bias tape and how to make your own.  It’s my favorite item to have around the sewing room.

FRINGE GARLAND + CUPCAKE TOPPERS – Decorate your party using scraps of fabric!  I’ll show you two simple projects.

RUFFLED STREAMERS – easy and perfect for any party or Cinco De Mayo!

  1. 1) Megan S!

    Um…this is a total creeper comment but Golly I think you are fabulous!

    • 2) Kevin

      I must be a “creeper” for I feel the same – Dana is fabulous! I love the simple, no fuss no muss way she just gets to the quick of things and GETS IT DONE! Super duper Fab!

  2. 3) sona

    Hi Dana, love your enthusiasm and enjoyed your video on you-tube. I did have a hint that may be helpful to those new to sewing. There is a difference between ironing and pressing. When working with knits it is best to press seams (lay the iron in an area then pick up….no sliding back and forth (ironing) as it may stretch the fabric out of shape.

  3. 4) Maggie

    Dana, I have been looking at that tutorial for years now, and would have never tried it on my own. After seeing your video, I know I can do it!!! Yay!! Thanks 🙂 and more please (After the holiday rush!! 🙂

  4. 5) Sydnie

    This is awesome! I can’t wait for more.

  5. I tried making a few shams a year or so ago, but they definitely weren’t this easy! I think I got stuck and the math part. I will need to get me some pillow forms, and some fabric and get to it! I found with my old ones, that I like a heavier fabric. I have some light fabric that I’ll add interfacing to so I can still use it! 🙂

  6. 7) Dubbie

    Great video.. Love all your sewing ideas.. Great job..

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this T-Shirt video, I always thought making anything with sleeves would be too difficult but really feel i could have a go now after seeing this…thank you Dana x

  8. 9) aisha

    very nice videos. they are very helpful for people who like to sew their own dresses. Thanks a lot since you are encouraging me to start sewing 😀

  9. 10) Lauri in Israel

    I have been following you blog for years, this is amazing fun and interesting we can’t wait for more video’s and absolutely love your web site.
    Thank you,

  10. 11) Connie

    I finally found a video that I really love. I sew for children so you have made it so simple for me. Thank you, looking forward to seeing more of your vider’s.

  11. 12) Marilyne

    Hi dana,
    I have told all my friends even the non english speaking ones to go to your web site and subscribe to your videos!
    Thank you so much for these video, the perfectly complete your tutorials!!!!!

    You are my sewing STAR

    Marilyne from Paris.

  12. 13) Sara Flo

    Just a question… Do you sew over your pins? I am always tempted but never do it. Is it a special feature of your machine? Sorry if this sounds silly?

    • 14) Dana

      I do!
      That was just the way I was taught. Because the pins are round, your needle will (usually) slide right over them.
      Every once in a while I break a needle but overall is easier to sew over them 🙂

      • 15) Kathy

        Having worked for a sewing machine repair shop for a number of years I can tell you that when your needle strikes a pin while you are sewing it does 2 things: causes your needle to have a burr and throws the timing off on your machine (this is especially true of the computerized machines).

  13. Great videos Dana! You make it look so easy. I love to sew, but I’m still a work in progress. These motivate me to pull out my machine and just go for it! I would love to see a video of sewing the bias tape onto fabric. Thanks!

  14. I have a Bias Tape maker, and this method goes SO MUCH FASTER. I hate that little devil machine! Funny you say you never use Single Fold, I rarely if ever use double fold! Up here, we make Eskimo Shirts (Kuspuks, or Atikluks) and only ever use single fold for the trims and to make the fancy bottoms. 🙂

  15. 18) Miranda Sanchez

    I just saw my first video from you and just can say I love it,,, I’m the third generation of seamstress in my family and sewing is best hobby,,,, thank you for all your awesome ideas please keeping coming I really enjoy.

  16. 19) Sheryl

    Dana, I love the idea of using fat quarters for the bias tape!! So many lovely fabrics to choose from!! However, should I wash the fabric before making the bias tape?? Just concerned about shrinkage??

  17. 20) Kate

    Thank you so much Dana, you’re an absolute star- I love your gorgeous positivity and practical know how. These videos are fantastic! I’ve only recently started sewing after the arrival of my little boy, and you continue to inspire me to try new projects. Thanks a million for sharing all your wonderful ideas and tips 🙂

  18. 21) Janet Willerson

    I can’t get the short pattern to add to my cart to purchase. Any help? Thanks! Love it!

  19. I just watched all 4 (so far) videos with my daughters – homeschool sewing class! Booyah! Can you please do something about zippers? I cannot figure out those stupid things! Thanks!

  20. 23) Jill Koch

    Wonderful tutorials thank you!

  21. 24) Lauri in Israel

    Dana hi,
    The episode about the bias tape was very well done thank you.
    Do you have a tutorial/video about pockets? hidden ones and regular ones?
    Your house is gorgeous I hope you having fun building it.
    Thank you,

  22. 25) Arnie Isa

    I’ve been secretly following you for awhile now… but this video bit makes me LOVEEEEEE you even more!!! You pretty much rock my sewing world, girl!!! The instructions are clear, easy to follow and I adore your infectious energy! Hey, your three cutie pies kinda help win me over too 🙂

    Keep doing what you’re doing… really1000000x appreciate the awesome free tutorials!!!

    Arnie-new mom who loves to sew 🙂

  23. FYI: My friends and I are having little sewing parties to make the skirts for our girls and some tee-shirts : ). I also loved the instructions on how to make bias tape. THANK YOU!!!

  24. You are really awesome! Even if I’m italian I can really easily follow and get all of your instructions as you go through the project. Sometimes it’s hard to do when you’re not native to the language… perciò 🙂 grazie grazie grazie!!! …and now I’m sorry but… I just must run to the sewing machine 😉

  25. 29) christy

    The Easter Bunny brought me a bias tape maker! Thank you so much for your great tutorials!

  26. 30) Danielle

    I think that I’m probably the happiest person in the world now that this tutorial was posted in video form! I just couldn’t get it right before. I am eternally indebted to you for this!!! Thank you for sharing your gift and beautiful family with the world Dana!

  27. You are darling! I’m loving your videos. Your energy is infectious, your studio and filming is very professional and even the slightly annoying music really works! You make these projects look so simple and quick to do it’s re-inspired me to sew again. Thanks Dana!

    BTW, I found you in a round about way through, then to ‘Stuff I Make’ blog (she linked to you as you may well know). So happy I found you : )

  28. 32) Jamie Bricker

    Great tutorial, I was inspired to make bias tape for the first time! I am now on my second fabric and am in love! Thanks for the inspiration!

  29. 33) Veyona

    Can you please apload more videos.?
    You works are awesome I love it

  30. 34) Valery nelson

    Love your work, can you make more videos though? I follow then easier, thanks 🙂

  31. 35) Hae Jung

    I love the tutorial! Easy to understand visually. Thank you Dana!!

  32. 36) Karen

    WOW! Now I’m looking at fat quarters in a whole new light! Thanks, and I LOVE the videos.

  33. 37) Sunita

    Hi Dana,

    I love your videos. They are fun and informative. I am new to sewing and keep wondering when your next video will come on youtube. I made the easy skirt for my duaghter and myself. Kep the videos coming.

    Huge Fan

  34. 38) trudy

    I wish these videos were out a long time ago!!! So easy to follow and understand, and so uncomplicated! I love them all! I can’t wait until you post more! Thank you so much!!! 🙂 x

  35. 39) Grettalaskey

    Hi Dana. I have been enjoying your blog for years and thoroughly enjoyed all of your videos! I have made many of your simple skirts for my nieces over the years. Love your presenting style. So friendly and fun. Can’t wait to see more videos!!Thank you from Australia.

  36. 40) sereba

    I am a father of two and never sew before, your video ‘SIMPLE SKIRT’ help me in making a pocket less school skirt for my daughter. My next plan is to make a maxi dress for my wife. Wish me luck. Thanks Dana.

  37. 41) krishnadas

    very very nice tutorial….i love it

  38. 42) nisha

    Hi Dana,

    I made a simple skirt as per ur video tutorials of skirts for my 9 year old daughter, and it turned out fantastic. Thanks a lot.

    God Bless

  39. 43) S. Ralph Boswell

    Dear Dana: I had no idea that you were doing this. I am really proud of you. I read an article in the Los Angeles Times this week about an Asian woman in her 20’s that will make $1 million this year because of her starting a web site a few years ago that gives beauty tips to teenagers. Lancome has offered her a new line of cosmetics in her name. It is amazing how many people are watching her videos. She is drawing more viewers than celebrity make up shows. I hope that you are getting some sponsors that make it worth your while financially to do this. I love you, and all of your family.

  40. 44) Leidi

    Hi my name is Leidi and I’m buying a house and I don’t wanna spend a lot of money on decorations if you have some ideas that could help me create my own decoration please help me thank you. I love your videos :-).

  41. Thank you so very much for the video on making bias tape!!! I have struggled with this for so long trying to figure it out myself. Your video did the trick!! I’ve made half a dozen now and love it. Looking forward to more of your videos. They are super and you do such a great job of explaining so a beginner sewer can understand. And you do it all with a smile!!! Love that. Going to try that globe light in the future. That is so neat. Thanks again.

  42. 46) Nancy

    Thanks so much for your bias tape video! It looks so fun and easy, and it inspires me to find projects to use bias tape, rather than avoiding them. Maybe you could do a video showing how to sew with the bias tape?

  43. Your tutorials are the best because I actually get them! I’ve made about a zillion of your shorts, just ordered the first day dress pattern, and now I’m going to try some of these things on the videos. You are awesome!

    ps) You were an awesome teacher at SNAP this year. Definitely my favorite class, which is an honor, because I loved all of my classes!

  44. 48) A'Mari

    Dana, I’m so excited. I just got my sewing machine yesterday and I’ll use your videos to do any of my sewing projects. You have inspired me to be myself and create something of my own. You rock. Kisses.

  45. 49) Candi

    I just sewed my first pillow thanks to your video! you made it so easy!!

    Have you done any tutorials on how to make a pillowcase dress?

  46. 50) Lee

    I JuzZzzz luv ur way of tuitorials. They r JUzz fantastic.

  47. 51) Arleen

    Thank you for giving me the confidence and know-how! I am just starting to sew and your videos are beyond helpful. Great enthusiasm, nicely explained. Please keep posting more!…please…

  48. 52) Michelle


    I just found your simple skirt tutorial today. I have a fabulous sewing machine but always think of myself as sewing-ly (LOL) challenged. However, I ran to Walmart and bought some cute fabric and gave it a whirl for the simple single skirt for both of my girls… they turned out rather cute for my first go. I already have fabric ready to try the double layered skirt. I wanted to say thanks so much for your help! You make it all look so easy and it gave me the confidence to try.

  49. 53) Sue Novales

    Hi Dana,
    Love your website and have been following for some time now. I was wondering if you plan on doing a video on boys pants with the lining? I live in the midwest and its so cold here now I was thinking of making some pants with lining for my 3 year old and is in the in between sizes of 3T and 4T pants. His waist is just not fitting that 4T yet but now the 3T pants look like he is waiting for a flood! Thanks so much and your website is great and I am like you and love to sew things that are not complicated and can get done within the hour!

  50. 54) Teresa Wilson

    I feel blessed to have found you!!! Your videos are not only fun to watch, but the simple instructions are the best I have ever seen. I am actually inspired to start sewing again. Thank you so much for such a wonderful place to learn and re-learn basic sewing techniques. I can’t wait to make bias tape!!! Thank you so much!!! Teresa

  51. 55) Kelly

    Hi Dana, I just happened upon your website a couple days ago, and have devoured it!! LOVE your videos and tutorials. As a Mom of a 2 yr old boy and 4month old girl I really want to sew for them. Thanks SOOOO much!!

  52. 58) Sue Taylor

    Hi there, I love your tutorials and patterns especially because we have very similar style. You make me want to learn to sew! So, what model of Baby Lock sewing machine do you use? I love it! It’s so quiet and seems very strong!
    Thanks for your good taste and inspiring me!

  53. 59) zahra

    it’s amazing! U make me think:))))

  54. 60) Brandi

    I am a beginner and recently stumbled upon your tutorials. I’ve struggled with following them before, they often neglect some small details that newbies need (those small details make ALL the difference). Your tutorials are AMAZING! I whipped out the fiesta skirt the other night for my three year old, and that was my fourth sewing project EVER. Thank you for your awesome videos, tutorials, and energy. After I make another couple fiesta skirts (I’m in love with them) I’ll move on to some other patterns on your site.
    PS, I really love your sewing space and would love suggestions on how you organize your fabric and notions, if you wouldn’t mind sharing. 🙂

  55. 61) Sadie

    I’m obsessed with you! (In the not-creepy kinda way) These tutorials are fantastic. You are charming and the information is so digestible. THANK YOU! Please keep it up.

  56. 63) Amy

    My 4 year old has been chain watching your videos and is obsessed with them. She has 2 observations for you, 1) all of your videos are “So cool! everything she makes is so cool Mom!!” And 2) “She looks like Cinderella when her hair is up!” Your videos totally kept her entertained while I sewed today. Thanks!!

  57. It is actually a nice and helpful piece of information. I am glad that you simply shared this helpful info
    with us. Please keep us informed like this.
    Thanks for sharing.

  58. 65) Judy Bard

    The sewing spirits saw fit to smile upon me when I discovered Dana’s website. Dana has a rare gift when she creates the tutorials because her explanations are so good. She makes it possible for us to understand and do tasks that seem intimidating.

  59. Dana, I just made your easy pencil skirt yesterday and am about to follow your tutorial for your easy lined zipper pouches to make change purses for my boys. Thanks! Love your videos!

  60. 67) Donna

    You have the BEST videos. I love your enthusiasm and you make everything not only look easy but is easy because of your instructions. Keep up the good wok!

  61. 68) M

    Dana, I love your videos! You are the best!! Please keep sharing and inspiring!!!

  62. 70) JOHN.H

    Learning how to use my late wife’s sewing machine, I find your videos extremely helpful,

  63. 71) Audrey


  64. 73) LINDA


  65. 75) Jenny Ficks

    Hi Dana, I have made your zipper pouches over and over. I have made about 30 of them! Your video was the best out there. I’m now wanting to do something else, a simple drawstring backpack. I do not like any of the utube video’s I’ve seen. I see you have drawstring bags, but no backpacks. I’d love if you’d make one that is easy and simple.

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