Valentine Sacks

Good Monday to you!
Sorry for those of you that subscribe to MADE in Google Reader, etc. and got my antsy-pants non-post this morning. That’s what I get for blogging at 1am when I’m super tired.
So here’s the real post.

I’ve been trying to decide what sort of Valentine’s to make this year. Last year we did Heartbreaker Valentines. And they were so, so easy!…and colorful….and fun.
If you need a simple idea, here you go:
Silly phrases on top, candy inside, then simply glue, staple, or sew them shut. It’s a project the kids can help with!
Then break your valentine’s heart by tearing it open and revealing the yummy treats.
You’ll find the simple tutorial HERE (and in the Tutorials link at the top of the site)

And with one week left till 2/14….we made Valentine’s Sacks!
For as long as I can remember, our family has been making these every Valentine’s holiday. They’re like little mailboxes for each person in the family. Make them a couple weeks before V-day, perch them on your fireplace mantle or shelf, and each day you can leave Valentine’s for each other.
I had a feeling my kids would be into them just as I was at their age.
So we invited our friends Katherine, Savannah, and Virginia over to craft with us.

No rules here, but this is how to make a sack….

Grab a bunch of craft/art supplies.
These cheap jewels were the best Hobby Lobby purchase yet.
Lucy and Owen have been playing with them for days. As a kid I always wanted to run my hands through gold coins and toss them in the air without hesitation. I guess they feel the same.
Then grab some paper bags.
Any type of bag works–even a popcorn sack from Target–but growing up, we brown-bagged it, so that’s what I used. Fold the top down a few inches and tuck that inside before you start decorating. This helps the bag stand up without getting too tall or toppling over.
And let the kids go at it!
Eventually your table will look like this:
and this:
All good signs of heavy crafting going on.

Katherine and Virginia were so cute in their pink shirts. And once Katherine disclosed her passion for pipecleaners….
All the kids wanted cool pipecleaner appendages on their bags.
I could get lost in Valentine’s sack decorating for hours–and often did when I was younger. I couldn’t decide whether to go au-natural…with off-white hearts and the brown bag. But in the end I did a 180.
I cut out tons of little hearts from this glittery foam.
and voila!
The Anne Hathaway?
Sequined to the nines? Overdone and loving it?
Yes and Yes.
I wrote out a simple “DAD” for Casey’s bag (since you know, he was really excited to make one) and I let Lucy color it.
Then they all went up on our half wall.
(and before you think there’s anything weird going on over here…Katherine put “Mom” on her bag too and then took it home with her. )
I’ve been trying to put a Valentine in Lucy’s bag each night.
It’s not easy to remember. But she loves checking her sack each morning to see what goodies are there. And she’s been having fun making them for us too.
The box of card-making supplies sits will sit out on the table for the next week. Anyone who feels inspired can sit down, create, and send some love to each other.
I don’t necessarily love this holiday but I do love the decor!

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