updates, and patterns, and our house is for sale!

I know I’ve been quiet.  But much is happening.
Here are some updates…

• Many of you have asked when the First Day Dress and the Baby Doll Basket patterns will be ready.  Before Christmas???  Well, the First Day Dress is coming but it’s been moved to second place so the Doll Basket can definitely happen before Christmas…which means it should be ready sometime next week! This will give you a whole month to sew doll basket gifts for your little ones.  Apologies to those who wanted the First Day Dress to make Christmas Dresses.  I really wanted to have the ready too but life is busy and that one will come soon after.

• Also happening next week is our annual GiveTHANKSaway event—days full of freebies and fun stuff to say THANK YOU for stopping by, for enjoying the blogging adventure with me, and for your kind comments.  They always make my day.  So check in next week for the mayhem!
• With our new house getting closer to completion (well, there’s still much to do…but the end is sort of in-sight) our current house is FOR SALE!  We just put it on the market today.   Last week was a whirlwind of cleaning, decorating, and photo taking.  And I’m happy and sad this time has come.  It’s bittersweet to say goodbye to our first family home.  I just hope another young family enjoys as we have.  If you’re looking to buy in the Austin area, send me an email and I can share the details!
• Along with taking photos of our house….I’m actually ready to share the house with YOU guys!  I’ve been meaning to do this for years, an official Before and After home tour.  So later this week I’ll share the Sewing Room/Office.

• And lastly, in sewing news….I’ve been making 2-step Fleece Pillowcases like crazy.  They’re my new favorite birthday party gift.  I found this darling fox fleece at Joanns and asked Lucy if her friend liked foxes. “Well mom, her last name IS Fox…”
Haha. Yes!  Perfect.   Time to start making Christmas ones too.
Okay. Hope your day is a good one.


  1. 1) victoria

    HOORAY! And thank you!! I will have two very happy little girls on Christmas morning. Good luck with the sale and the move. We did the same thing 3 years ago and it was the hardest and the best thing we have ever done. Our youngest was almost 2 when we moved in and it was ummmm, interesting.

  2. 2) Julie R

    You guys have been busy! I am glad to see you post, but I understand how life can get carried away. Good luck selling your house; hopefully it’s as smooth a transition as it can be!

  3. 3) Colleen

    We moved 2 years ago too when our youngest was not quite 1. Sad because I brought all my babies home to that house. But love the new place now. Feels like home. Love your site – I am making the kiddos Christmas pajama pants thanks to you!

  4. 4) Lauralee

    We moved last year when our fourth was 10 days old! It was exciting, but it felt like a dream. I still don’t quite call our new house “home” as our first home will always have a very special place in my heart. I actually cried all day of our closing and all through the closing – the new homeowners thought I was CRAZY!! 🙂 Good luck to you on your move, and I can’t wait to make the doll basket – my girls are gonna think that ROCKS on Christmas morning!!!

  5. 5) Spark*Amy

    Yay! Doll Baskets!! Good Luck with your sale! We just moved at the end of May and our townhouse sold in about 48 hours!! I had a bit of panic, because we had no where to live!! We did find a great house and I couldn’t be happier!!

  6. Looking forward to your posts. I love your updates.

  7. How exciting! I love that fleece print! Will have to keep an eye out for that one

  8. Yay! Good for you on putting your house up. Pre-existing home inventory is low in Texas and they seem to fly off the market. In my area (SE of San Antonio) they are usually snatched up within a week. Good luck!

  9. 11) Fi

    Yay! We’ve just adopted a 10y/old cat who would love this basket and I’ve been hanging out for its pattern release. She’ll absolutely LOVE it! Thanks for sharing Dana, from a fan Down Under x

  10. 12) Brenda

    Yay! I’ve been in love with the snippets of pictures you’ve shared of your house over the years – I’m excited to have an official post about it! And I love seeing the developments on your new house – I love your taste in furniture placement and decorating 🙂 Can’t wait to eat it up later this week!

  11. 13) KelliO

    Hurray! I’m excited to see a post and really excited to see all the updates! Best of luck!

  12. 14) Melissa Shultz

    So excited for you about moving to another house. A new place to make many new memories. Love, love, love the foxy fleece. I need to look for that next time I go to Joann’s. Making fleece pillow cases is definitely on my to do list.

  13. 15) Carolyn Thornley

    I know what you mean because we’re downsizing and moving is not my favorite thing. Hope it all goes smoothly (for both of us!)

  14. Yay!!! I can’t wait to see the before and after pics.

  15. 17) Shanna

    Looking forward to your pattern release! Our daughter is getting an American Girl doll for her upcoming birthday and I’m hoping this basket will be long enough (or easy to lengthen) to act as a carrying case for the AG doll. So much cuter than what you can buy at the store.

  16. 18) ANNA


  17. 19) Sarah Schulz

    Good luck with moving! And I am in love with that fox fleece. I NEED to make my toddler some fox jammies! It will be too cute! I’ll have to go hunt some down. 🙂

  18. I love that “hello” sign. Any chance you remember where you got it (and hopefully it was recently)? 🙂 Good luck with your sale! Thanks!

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