My little Jumper just turned Uno.So for his party I went with the classic card game theme:
and made him this outfit:I cut up two women’s tees for the black knit fabric and used one of his onesies as a pattern for the top/neck area (finished off with grey ribbing and orange thread). Then I freezer-paper stenciled an UNO card on front. I really love how it turned out:
And not to be too self-congratulatory but the pants turned out just as I envisioned! I love them!
Made of rayon suiting fabric, I lined them with soft gray knit, attached pockets with red top-stitching, and my biggest feat? (drumroll)….I actually made pants with a flat front. Haah. It really wasn’t that hard. Why haven’t I done this sooner? I still added an elastic waist band in back to keep them snug around his diaper bum:
They really look cute on him.
Time for UNO cupcakes
Happy birthday little guy!

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