Gift Tags

Tis the season to be Merry!
And among the wrapping and presents and bows are some of my favorite trims: the tags.
On Christmases past—when feeling lazy—I’ve written the kids’ names right on top of the wrapping paper and called it good.  But this year, I’m making tags ahead of time!  So I’m all ready to go!
And guess what, these are really simple and don’t take much time.

They’re the grown-up version of the cheap wrapping paper tags you made as a kid…you know, where you cut a rectangle from the same paper used for wrapping the gift, then folded it in half and taped it to the gift?

Well we’re still using wrapping paper.  We’ll just classy it up a bit.

I’ve got 20 sheets of black + white shapes for you to download HERE and then print to your home computer.
Check the 1-inch marker to see that you’ve printed properly.

The shapes come in two sets:
• With TO and FROM printed on the back.
• Plain and simple so you can write what you’d like on the back!
So print your shapes and grab your favorite wrapping paper (just another excuse to buy more, right?)

Then turn on your favorite Christmas tunes or movie.  I’ve been listening to David Ian’s Vintage Christmas albums and absolutely love both.  Plus he’s got a really cute video that’ll put you in the tag-making mood.

Okay.  Here’s what you do:
You can tie the tag directly to the gift or tape it to a box.
OR, attach a bit of twine at the top for another pop of color.

And the tags are extra fun to make with your kids.  I started working on theses as Lucy was headed to bed and she said, “Awww.  It seems like right when I go to bed, you’re doing all the fun stuff.”
So I let her stay up and we glued and cut together.  It was really sweet.

• You can print the templates to standard paper weight or to cardstock. Both work great.  I made all of these with standard white paper.  If you can’t print to cardstock at home, send the pdf document to Staples or Office Depot and they can print for you for little cost.
• Make sure you glue to the BACK side of the shape templates.  And glue all the way to the edges of the shape so the wrapping paper adheres well.
• When you cut out the shapes, try not to leave any black lines behind.
• It will take a few minutes for the glue to fully dry.
• If your tags start to curl, gently roll them back in the other direction.

Of course the beauty of some wrapping paper is that it’s filled with cute illustrations.  So if you have a paper with fun printed shapes and characters, use those to create tags!….

Just write a little message on the back and you’re ready to gift.

OR, give the tags as gifts themselves!
I love it when my friends send fun trims, ribbons, twine, cute things like that.  So package up a set of tags in a cello bag and gift it along with a roll of wrapping paper.  How fun would that be?

Happy gift-giving!

May it all be merry and bright.

  1. I have also just written the kids’ names right on the gift itself. It saved time when trying to find a tag, or just cutting a scrap piece of wrapping paper and writing their name on it, and trying to find the sticker tags to use. I think I might do this this year. Might add some fun to the not-so-greatly-kid-decorated tree.

      • 3) Dana

        oooo. great idea! I might have to wrap some up for Lucy’s teacher 🙂

  2. Okay I am not a tag person. I have always loved writing directly on the paper. But I need these, so I might have to make a change in my gift wrapping belief system!

  3. 5) alissa

    I have to ask, where did you find such cute wrapping paper–both for the tags and the gifts?

    • 6) Dana

      All the wrapping papers are from Ikea (last year :() and Target (this year! :))

      • 7) alissa

        Thank you!
        Have a blessed Christmas!

  4. I am a write on the paper person too haha but on the back because if my son sees his name he will think its ok to open at anytime. These will be on my to-do list next year.

    • 9) Aliya

      Instead of names My mom would buy each of us a rubber stamp and stamp our stamp on our gifts. Then we found out which stamp belong to who on christmas morning. I think it eliminated the need to peek or open immediately. 🙂

  5. Great tag ideas… wish I had such nice wrapping paper. My mom always cut up old Christmas cards to make tags, and that’s what I do now.

  6. 11) Sarah

    Wow, love your stuff! But where do you get the time with 3 kiddies and a building site?! I struggle with a complete house and just 2 kiddies!
    Hope you and your family have an amazing Xmas xx

    • 12) Dana

      Thanks Sarah. I’ve actually been cutting back on the blogging a ton lately to keep up with life. I wish I could share more! But It’s nice to have a little more balance 🙂

  7. What a cool idea. My mom started using different paper for each of us. So that way we know which presents are ours. She would also try to find paper we would like. I’ve been doing the folded wrapping paper thing myself. Maybe I’ll give these a try this year. 🙂

  8. 14) KelliO

    Dana, where did you get that Russian doll paper!?

    • 15) Dana

      It’s from Target! This season (2013)

  9. What a wonderful idea! I rally like your idea of giving the tags as a gift. Thank you for sharing.

  10. 17) Julie C

    I love it Dana! Alas this year will not be my year for adorable tags- I think I will splurge and get a glitter marker to write the names directly on the package 🙂 must pin this for next year. I too do the special wrapping paper for each family member- gives me an excuse to buy more wrapping paper – have a great holiday! You deserve a break from the blog- but can’t wait for more sharing of the new home.

  11. 18) Sarah

    love your style!!! wish I could have some of that style in my home but Im not a decorator. Love the tags and I always love your wrapping ideas so simple and clean yet beautiful!!!

  12. 19) Chelli

    I love love the Christmas music. It’s very mellow. Grabbing it off iTunes tonight!

    Thanks for the suggestion :O)

  13. “OR, give the tags as gifts themselves!
    I love it when my friends send fun trims, ribbons, twine, cute things like that. So package up a set of tags in a cello bag and gift it along with a roll of wrapping paper. How fun would that be?”
    Love this idea for teacher and neighbor gifts!!

  14. 21) Laura J.

    I let my daughter make the tags. Last year (when she was two), I gave her some paper and red and green tape and let her go at it. Then I cut out little circles and used the back to write the names. Maybe this year she’s ready for a more advanced project like this one. I’ll give it a try!

  15. Love love – so simple but still so creative. You’re full of great ideas!

  16. 23) Penny

    Oh Wow – these are so cool – I’ve always written with marker right on the giftwrap or use those little dinky to/from tags from the store – but – these are super cute.
    Thank you for the printouts and lovely pictures and creativity and generosity.
    LOVE that Russian doll paper – Target here I come!!!
    Have a great day.

  17. 24) Heather

    Can I ask you what type of software you use to make your templates? I am a first year teacher and would like to make my own worksheets, printouts, etc. I’ve heard you can do it in photoshop but when I researched Elements I couldn’t find anything in the description of being able to do graphics and text.
    PS: I printed out your gift tags on the reverse side of scrapbook paper. They look awesome and saved me the glueing step 🙂 Thank you!!!

  18. 25) Beth K

    Love the tags, but hate the idea of gluing. So, why not print the shapes on butcher paper & then iron onto the back of the wrapping paper? No glue, no mess. 🙂

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