Monogrammed Family Ornaments

Creating a gift for an entire family is a tricky one. It’s hard to please everyone (and usually we end up pleasing the mom). But everyone seems to love ornaments. So for this family gift, there’s an ornament for each person with their initial on the front, a family letter ornament (“w” for our name “Willard”), and a star to go on top.
These ornaments were made a couple years ago for my little L and O. And we gave a set to each family of cousins too, with a personal message on the back.
It’s the gift that keeps giving year after year as the tree decorations are pulled down from the attic.So pop in your favorite holiday movie and let’s start making.

First, choose some colorful felts. I prefer the blended wool felts that come on a bolt at the fabric shop because they are finer quality and come in more interesting color options. You only need 1/8 of a yard of each color.
Trace ornament shapes on to felt and cut out two pieces for each ornament (a front and back). You can draw your own shapes or print shapes from your computer. For the circle I traced a glass cup.
For this tutorial I’ll show the Letter ornament. Of course the options with felt are endless, so have fun with it! You can create all sorts of cute ornaments with interesting shapes and colorful thread.

Okay, the letters.
Decide which letters you need for the family and print them from your computer in a word doc, or by other method. If you have a letter stencil for that works great too. I used Times New Roman font but can’t remember the font size. About 200? Cut the letters from paper, trace them onto cream colored felt, cut out the felt letters, and you’ve got the letter H (for Henry) all ready to go!
Using a sewing machine and matching thread, sew the Letter to the Front piece of the ornament. This can be done by hand as well. Next, sewn a hanging loop in place. I used skinny satin ribbon. You can use colorful twine (such as Divine Twine), rope, yarn, whatever catches your crafty eye. So, oton the Back piece of the ornament, sew down the loop. You can also use a glue gun.
We’re almost done here! Easy, right?!
Time to sew the front and back together. This can also be done by a machine but I prefer hand sewing here so it has a more handmade look.
Using embroidery thread or crochet yarn (pictured above), thread a needle and you’re ready to go. Start first on the Back piece, piercing from the inside of the ornament out (this will hide your knot inside of the ornament). Then place the Front piece on top and come back up through both pieces. Continue stitching up and down around the ornament. Make your stitches wider on the top side of the ornament and smaller on the back. You can also use a whipstitch but I prefer the up-down look. Simpler.
Continue all the way around with the stitching, leaving a small opening for stuffing batting inside (do not tie off your thread, leave it hanging and attached, ready to sew again). Use any kind of batting (or you can go without. I prefer the 3 dimensional look) and stuff a bit of fluff inside. Then press the front and back together and sew it closed. Tie a small knot in your thread and you’re done!
One letter H for baby Henry. I made a set of ornaments for his family last year and I’m happy to add on to the collection.

Merry Christmas!

  1. These are soo adorable and easy (just want I’m looking for!)
    I’m thinking to making for my little girl to learn her alphabet. Thanks for sharing!

  2. 2) Susan M Jensen

    How cute!! I donate 90% of crafts I do. Lots of kids at church on corner I give to 3-4 times a year, these would be cute, Initials can think of something. Thanks

  3. 3) Cheryl

    I love these. I’m thinking about using them for gift tags this year. If you have any duplicate letters in your family (we have a large extended family) you can put last name on back like you did. Thanks so much. BTW, I found this on pinterest!

  4. 4) Janie

    This is a GREAT IDEA!!! My oldest daughter just started college – these will be great for her and her roomates! Also, could spell out the mascot for her college on them! Thank you so much!

  5. I’ve been wondering what I gifts I could make for people I work with (30 of them!) that would be personal and useable. THESE are it. I hope you don’t mind I re-post this to my blog and share!

  6. Hi, these are so sweet! I pinned it to my board and did my version on some pre made stockings. Thanks for sharing your idea!

  7. 7) cynthia

    i love these! where on earth do you buy your felt? the joann’s near me is really limited with their colors. also what’s the blend? thankx!

    • 8) Dana

      It believe it’s a mix of wool and polyester. Look on the bolts, not the little pre-cut squares. If you have another joanns near you, try that….some stores have different stuff.

  8. 9) Nicole

    I absolutely love these and can’t wait to make a set for my family and some for gifts. I was hoping for a size reference. Would you happen to know the size of your circles?

  9. 10) EvaA

    These are lovely and I had to make 17 for Christmas for each of my family and friends. I had a hard time working out how big to do the circles and the length of the ribbon loop. After a bit of trial and error I finally got it right and they are cute little gifts. Thank you.

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