little gift pouches

This week the kids and I got Valentine’s ready for school. I was itching for something sewn (rather than paper made), so we did tiny gift pouches with a message on the front and plenty of goodies inside.
They’re all made from fabric scraps and the best part is…they’re reusable!
Kids love small bags, purses, and baskets for holding treasures. When the candy is gone they can keep the little pouch in their pocket for holding rocks, leaves, dried flowers, or more candy!
They’re very easy to make. Of course making 30 in a row feels tedious, so turn on some good music or a fun movie in the background.

Okay, grab your fabric scraps (you only need 9 x 3 1/2 inches for each bag)
Use white fabric, muslin, or natural colored fabric for the hearts. Trace multiple hearts on to fabric and write a special message. Let the kids color in the hearts and write their names. If you have older kids, let them do it all! (the sewing too)
Make sure older sister is supervising (and advising) younger brother.
Cut out all the hearts and put them aside.

Cut fabric rectangles that are 9 x 3 1/2 inches. They can be any size you like but this size works well for tiny candies or a package of fruit snacks.
You also need two pieces of velcro. At first I cut long strips of velcro but later decided that a small square of velcro is better–easier for little hands to open.

like this:

Note: sewing velcro on is the longest part of the process. If you want the quick/easy method, you can skip it altogether and simply tuck the flap inside the bag (you’ll need to cut your fabric rectangle longer so you have a longer flap–about 11 inches).

Okay, you’re ready to sew!
Start by serging the 4 edges of your rectangle with a standard 3 or 4 thread stitch or a rolled hem–I like the rolled hem best.

If you don’t have a serger, here are other options:
* do a zigzag stitch around the 4 edges…or
* cut the edges with pinking shears (they cut in a zigzag) to help prevent fraying edges…or
* fold the edges in and sew them down all the way around….or
* leave the edges raw; it’s just a cheap candy bag!
Okay, sew the first piece of velcro on the wrong side of the fabric, at the end of the rectangle. Then sew the other piece of velcro on the right side of the fabric, at the end of the rectangle (note in the picture below: the bag has not been sewn up the sides yet. I’m just showing you how the two velcros will match up together).

Finally, sew your heart on the outside of the bag (fold the bag up first so you know where to place the heart. Then unfold it when sewing). I used a standard straight stitch on the heart–you can also do a zigzag. Lift the presser foot periodically around the curves to allow the heart to relax and lay flat.
Your bag should look like this:
Final step! Sew down the two sides, from the top of the arrow to the bottom of the arrow. Don’t sew the top flap into it. I used a zigzag stitch and sewed a few additional stitches at the very beginning where the bag opens–the area that will get the most stress from hands pulling things in and out. This will keep it from ripping or coming undone over time.
And you’re done!
Now do it 30 more times…
And fill the bags with treats!
Chocolate M&Ms are a favorite with my kids. I like peanut ones better but some kids at school have allergies.
If your school requires pre-packaged treats, how about heart fruit snacks from Target:
They fit perfectly in the bag too!
And you’re ready for February 14th.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. so simple but high of value šŸ™‚

  2. 2) Rebecca

    These are super cute! I hadn’t thought about Valentines day until yesterday when the list was passed out and I also didn’t want paper cards this year! Thank you so much for this tutorial!!!

  3. 4) Tracy

    I’m going to make these for my class in February. Thank you for an easy project that means so much.

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