Another Heirloom Skirt

Before we went to Calif this summer, I made Lucy another Heirloom Skirt—a Simple Skirt with a vintage twist.

I started with some thrifty items. The lace on the right was used on Lucy’s 1st skirt.
And the red silky hankie(?) I thought would make a cute pocket, with a bit of lining and prep.
Nothing complicated here; pretty straight-forward.
But here’s how it went….

First, I prepped my pocket. I loved the hankie (or doily? I’m really not sure what it is but it’s small, cute, and was only 50 cents at the thrift store!)….but it was also a bit see-through and not very sturdy. So I added a lining to it.
I cut a piece of thick white cotton the same size as the doily and serged the edges so they wouldn’t fray. If you don’t have a serger, you could iron the edges of the fabric under so they’re hidden and tucked inside. Then, sew the lining and doily together. I sewed with white thread on top of the lace, so the stitching wasn’t obvious.
Set the pocket aside and let’s make the skirt. I used the Simple Skirt Tutorial:
I followed all the normal steps for making a single-tiered skirt. And used a cotton chambray fabric I love—the same fabric I used for Owen’s Beach Boy Pants last summer.
Before getting started, I added a band of white fabric to the bottom of my skirt. No tricks here. Just cut a wide strip of fabric, the same width as your skirt fabric:
With right sides together, sew the strip to the main fabric, serge off the seam, iron out the seam. And for added style, top-stitch on the outside of the skirt, all along the seam.
Your skirt is ready for a pocket! Decide where you’d like to position it…
But first, let’s sew two small pieces of velcro to the pocket, so the pocket can open and close.
Now, I decided to do this after-the-fact….I actually thought I would just leave the pocket open but after I sewed the pocket on, I decided to add a button, and realized the button was making the pocket sag. So I needed something to keep it closed.
You can either create a button hole for your button. Or take the easy route like I did…..velcro.

Cut two small pieces and sew one piece to the top of the pocket. Sew the other piece of velcro to the skirt (make sure you’ve decided where you want the pocket to be).
Then, sew the pocket onto the skirt. Do not sew the top of the pocket!
And finally, hand-sew a chunky button to the front with needle and thread.
You’re done!
One heirloom skirt.
Perfect for skipping on the sand and picking up beach treasures.
Happy Sewing.

  1. 1) Jan

    Beautiful! I love your attention to detail and sewing professionally!

  2. 2) rosaura

    me encantan estos tutoriales he aprendido mucho, gracias

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