Candy Corn Masks

Last year at Halloween time I was asked to share a craft with the kids in Owen’s class.
I always love a good kid-craft challenge!
So I thought about my two favorite things from Halloween—costumes and candy.
I combined them together….

And we made Candy Corn Masks!
It was a sweet success.

This project is great for kids of all ages, from pre-school kids up to….well, adults!  (although the masks might not fit as well).   AND I have FREE printable masks ready for you!
So let’s get started….

1. Print your masks:
• Click HERE to download the PDF file and save it to your home computer.
• Print it on white cardstock from your home printer OR email the file to your local printer (Office Depot, Staples, Kinkos, etc) and have them print to cardstock for fairly inexpensive.
• The file comes with many options: with the candy corns in two directions and even plain candy corns without faces.

Now when it comes to decorating, you can use whatever you want—crayons, markers, glitter, paint!  For our masks, we used paper squares to create a mosaic of color.

2. Prep the Project.
If you’re making this with young children or for a class project, it’s easiest to do these first steps BEFORE the kids get involved.

• Cut your colored paper into small squares so kids can glue the pieces to the masks.
• Cut out the eyes and mouth from each mask so it’s easier to trim them later.

3.  Decorate your Mask!

• Place a piece of paper under each mask so you don’t get glue on the table.
• Grab a glue stick and smear glue in a small area of your mask, arrange paper squares over the glue, and repeat till your candy corn is finished.  Be as creative as you want with the color scheme!
• When the mosaic is done, cut out the mask and trim any excess paper from the eyes and mouth (when doing this with the school kids we had adults help with this step).
• Attach skinny elastic (1/8 inch wide elastic works best) to one side of the mask with a staple and then tie a knot around it to keep it secure.
• Have the child hold the mask around their face and measure to the other side.  Staple and tie another knot loosely this time, on the other side.  Try it on again, make adjustments to the elastic, and when it fits well, tie the knot tighter.

Of course every mask needs some personality.
So add a mustache, a hair bow, a bow tie to your mask?!  Or give your candy corn eyelashes and glasses.

So many choices.

And I loved seeing the variety of candy corns that came out of Owen’s class.
This group was adorable!

And…they even wrote me thankyou cards with pictures of their masks on the front.
Does it get any better than that?!
Thank you kiddos.

For even more fun, use the same printable to make puppets.
Decorate and cut out your candy corn.  Then tape a painting stick on the back and you’re ready for the show!

It’s the perfect afterschool activity for all your corny friends.

Then hang your mask on the front door (with your spider web frame) so everyone knows where the party’s at.

Happy Halloween!

  1. 1) zaneta

    Hi Dana, what do you do with all the things you and your children make?
    Everything appears so clutter free..I have draws containers bursting
    With their work.

    Kind Regards

    • 2) Sarah

      Zaneta- I don’t know what Dana does… but in my house, they play with stuff for a bit, or we hang it up for a bit and then it goes in the trash. There simply isn’t room to store everything they create…. and that’s what I tell my kids. I save a few “awesome” pieces per year, but other than that, out it goes. Peter Walsh had a good idea in one of his organizing books…. he said if you are really that sentimental about it, take a picture, and the upload the pictures into a book. And then you can keep the book and not all the “paper.” And honestly- how often do you go through all the drawers and reminisce? Probably very rarely. Anyhow- hope this helps! I know, Dana’s place is SO clutter free- she always says she’s a minimalist. Dana- that should be a post! “How I say a minimalist with 3 kids!”

  2. Hi Dana, so glad you’re back posting – the dry spell last week whilst you were filming was a killer! I love reading your new posts. Keep them coming. Peppi xx

  3. 4) Sarah

    So cute! What a great idea!

  4. What a sweet crafty idea! I enjoy your blog and have followed a few tutorials of yours. Thank you for having such a helpful blog 🙂

    Have a lovely day!

  5. Super cute! I’m totally using this for Oscar’s class party this week. Thanks! 🙂

  6. Such a cute printable and so many ways to use it! I’ll be sharing this on The Crafty Crow soon 🙂

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