Flavor of the Day ART

Step right up!
What’s your flavor of the day?
Your flavor may be ice cream, candy, or, or a good old fashioned Orange off the peel. Whatever the shape or form, choose your favorites and make a simple piece of artwork for the kitchen, celebrating foods and color.
One day, when blog hopping, I stumbled on a pretty little shop called:

And immediately fell in love with all these colors:

The photos alone look like a candy shop. I wanted to see each of them in person! So Divine Twine sent me a package of colors to try out. From the larger shop called Whisker Graphics came this cute package:
And inside were all of these! It was like purchasing a new skein of yarn. You almost don’t want to unwind it; so pretty on their own, in those little piles.
But alas, I did.
It took me a while to figure out what I was going to do with them. Obviously they’re adorable tied on a paper-bag-wrapped gift (seriously, too cute). But I wanted to try something outside-of-the-box, combining the twines in one spot.

So I thought of making a small piece of artwork with them; sort of the poor man’s, quick version of embroidery.

The twines themselves reminded me of colorful candy sticks. So I picked my favorite flavors that corresponded with the twine colors and practiced writing the words on paper a few times.
Using an 8×10 frame from IKEA (only $5), I cut out a piece of fabric the exact same size. My gray cotton was a bit thin, so I used a thicker white cotton on the back to make it more stable and sewed around the edge to hold the two fabrics together.
I played with the colored twines, deciding which should go where.
Then, using a fabric marker, I wrote my words right on to the fabric. In hind-sight I should have used something more transparent, since you can see bits of blue marker here and there when you look up-close at the art. Or maybe little dotted lines? However true embroiderists (?) do it, that’s what I’d recommend :).
Next, you need craft glue. I’m not brand specific. This is something I used a few years ago to make fridge magnets. Use what you’ve got, but do not use hot glue. You will burn your fingers like crazy.
Okay, working little bits at a time, squeeze glue over the words,
and carefully lay the twine on top. I recommend pressing it down with a pen or something similar. Of course your fingers are the best tool, but they quickly become sticky from the glue and start to stick to the twine. So, do what works best for you.
Keep going around the letters. I chose cursive text so I could keep the twine in one continuous line. There were spots however, that I cut my twine mid-word and started with a new strand. I always squeezed a bit of extra glue on the end of the cut twine to keep it from fraying.
When you’re done with one word, go to the next! It’s one of those “controlled patience” sort of projects. But it wasn’t time-consuming. I was done in a 1/2 hour.
and there you go! A few notes: a lighter colored fabric probably works better, such as white. If you look at the word “licorice” above, you can see a little spot over the “r” where a bit of glue dropped on accident. The glue darkened the fabric in any of my messed-up spots. So, that’s a bummer. But as long as no one looks too close at it, we’re good!
When it’s dried (a used a blow-dryer to speed it up), place it in your frame.
and hang it up!
I’m not sure where’s it’ll go in our kitchen yet, but I love the candy shop feel.
Hmmm, maybe I should make ice cream sodas. Care to join me? Here’s what we’ve got:

  1. 1) Olivia

    I don’t have a serger like most people so should I get a slightly larger piece of fabric and hem it?

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