Truly, Amazing

I’m about a week behind posting on this. But I’m sure many of you have been following, donating, creating, purchasing, and standing in awe and what has been done at:
Jade (one of my favorite people) from Craft Hope is all about one thing: serving others. And it’s not because she’s being asked to or she feels like that’s what she should do. She’s just a charitable and humble person. Her heart simply wants to help wherever she can. She’s the genuine deal.

So with the horrible aftermath of the Haiti earthquakes, Craft Hope came up with a brilliant idea for how we as crafters could give our support to the victims. It’s simple and brilliant. Jade and Sarah created an Etsy shop where crafters donate items, other craft-loving people purchase them, and 100% of the proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders.

And in the NINE days since they’ve opened, Craft Hope for Haiti has sold almost 1400 items and raised $20,000.


Truly, Amazing.

In my small effort to give-back as well, I created this set of Ruffled Heart cards to list in their shop:
Some are ruffled flannel:
And some are scraps from…yep, a can-can skirt:
I also listed a Pink Market Skirt:
And my plan with this post was to show the items and say “head over to the shop if you’re interested”. But they both sold before I got it.

SO, let me just say in addition to that…..head over to the Craft Hope for Haiti shop where you’ll find some very cool creations, and a very cool way to give Hope to Haiti!

Thank you Jade. Thank you Sarah. Thank you Craft Hope for helping us help others.

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