Triple whammy photo post: newborn pics, my photo tips, and 5 free books!

Happy Friday!  I’ve got three fun things to share….

Remember when Clara was a tiny baby? Before the legs rolls?
I kind of can’t believe this was her just 7 months ago.   And I can’t believe I’m finally sharing these photos with you!  The official newborn pics, taken by Katie Evans of Key to Pictures.

We’ve been blessed to meet many wonderful people here in Texas, and Katie is one of my favorites.  She and I can sit for hours talking photography, blogging, and sharing ideas.  It’s important to have creative friends like that.   And when Clara was born in February she offered to take photos for me, which was helpful in my postpartum state.   First she stopped by the hospital.

Btw, she has great blog post with 5 tips for taking beautiful newborn pics at the hospital HERE.

Then she came to our home and took more sleepy bundle photos.

Oh that tiny bum and tiny feet (with a small prick on the heel).

Of course I had to snap photos of her taking photos.  Because it’s fun to see what she’s seeing….and then to see the “after” pics.

Make it work! (with a simple white sheet and natural lighting)

….and with two silly boys in the other room.  Owen and Lyndon were good sports, working on Star Wars puzzles while we snapped away.

Thank you Katie for the beautiful photos!  I love having that small window of time captured forever.

And speaking of capturing life….today I’m sharing my own Tips for Taking Family Photos with Personality on Katie’s photo site HERE.  This is part of her annual Photoberfest contest.  Check out the details HERE!

I’m sharing ideas for taking photos that capture your everyday life, but are good enough to hang on your walls.  Come on over.
And lastly….

I couldn’t mention Katie Evans without talking about her fabulous photography books.  When a friend asks me basics photo questions like, How do I take better pictures?  How do I use manual settings?  I always refer them to The Key to Taking Pictures Like a Professional Photographer (which is currently on sale!).  And now Katie’s written a follow-up book called The Key to Natural Posing.

This is such a helpful and wonderful idea for a book.  If you’ve taken photos of other people before, you know how hard it is to get them to “do stuff” or look “natural” or just “be themselves”.   This book talks about it all.  In fact, just click on this photo below to enlarge and read the intro.

The book has a chapter for each type of photo subject from newborns, to couples, to senior photos.   All those fabulous pictures she took above?  She’ll tell you exactly how to capture those in the newborn chapter.

It is fabulous.
You will love it.

Want to try it out?
Today we’re giving away FIVE free copies!

Giveaway Rules:
• Leave a comment, that’s it!
• Only One entry per person.
• Open to anyone!
• FIVE winners will be picked via
• Giveaway ends, Sunday 10/14/12 at 10pm (Central Time).
Winners will be announced next week.

Okay, have a great weekend!
And I’ll see some of you tonight in Dallas.

  1. 1) British American

    I would really love to win! I just started shooting in RAW and am waiting for Photoshop Elements to arrive in the mail. This book would help a lot too! Thanks.

  2. Oh this is great stuff! Photography is very much my weak point although I am trying valiantly to master my hubby’s dslr. I NEED this book!

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  13. I have Katie’s first book and love it. Her tips are so helpful and easy to follow.

  14. i don’t want this book so much for me as for my hubby – he’s become a photography fanatic!

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    THis looks like a great book. And Clara is gorgeous. I have a Clara too! She’s 15 months old.

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    Tutorials are great to try to learn a camera, but I would love to have a book. It would be fantastic to take with me as a reference to places for picture taking.

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    This book looks wonderful! I would love to learn more about posing especially squirmy kids :0)

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    Love the pics. So cute!!! I have a 7 month old baby too, a boy, just a few days younger than Clara. It’s nice to read your posts and see how Clara is progressing and compare it to my little Sam. He hasn’t had his first tooth yet but it was nice to see Clara had hers. She is adorable. And my oldest son’s name is Owen too. Isn’t that something!!!

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    I love these baby pictures! Our DIL also takes pictures. She is a natural at this kind of thing, too. She two of the most precious subjects, too. She has one of her son at about 1 or 2. He is naked except for his hat and boots and is holding the reins of her horse. His back is to the camera. It is just precious! She did take one of her feet and her daughter’s feet together. They had just gotten their toe nails painted. I love unusual photo’s, too. There is a tree that is in the middle of a field just up the road that I want to get a good picture of. That tree, for some reason, just calls me to take it’s picture.

    Debbie J
    about 100 miles East of Dallas

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    and by the way, you’ve got some adorable babes.

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    Thanks for a fun giveaway!

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    I’m a wedding photographer who occasionally works with families and children – and I’d love some practical help on getting natural poses out of my clients. Thanks for the chance!

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    Love from Austria

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    oh wow.. crossing my fingers!

  755. 778) Letitia

    really good idea to make a book about!
    I’d love to improve portraits!
    groetjes uit Nederland,

  756. 779) Eline

    Love those pics!

  757. 780) Sophie Del.

    Book look great!

  758. 781) Karin Cameron

    Would love to win this. Want to learn how to capture my children better.

  759. i need some tips! I would love to win.