TRAVEL: our month long trip, part 1 (of ?)

In June we started a month long adventure.
Just the older kids and I drove from TX to Calif on a crazy 22 hour van ride (Casey and Clara joined us later). And actually, it wasn’t as bad as I expected. They played, watched movies, played again, watched again, while I listened to Into the Wild in the front (excellent book).
And when we got bored, there was always the desert to stare at.

Thank you trusty van for getting us there safely. And thank you Tucson for the gorgeous sunset. A beautiful half-way point arrival.
(first time seeing a saguaro).
Love these two munchkins.

  1. What gorgeous pictures!

    My two are 16 months apart, and I’m always excited to see glimpses of how kids close in age are when they get older on your blog.

    I”m impressed that you were able to drive half way across the country with them. It gives me hope!

  2. I love sleeping kids photos. Too cute. Can’t wait to see the rest of your trip.

  3. So sweet that last picture is. I have a hankering for the desert now!

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  5. those photos of yours are stunning!

  6. wow, what an amazing drive! and what great pictures!
    I only know the west coast and I loved driving from Santa Rosa, through San Francisco, down to Pescadero… not as long as yours, but also beautiful…

  7. Love a good road trip! I also love how two kids seems like a breeze for a moment when the thrid one comes along!;)

  8. 8) Sonia


  9. Love the photos! I think that first one deserves hanging on a wall somewhere.

  10. 10) Megan W.

    Of all of the things I didn’t like about living in Tucson, I sure do miss those sunsets! They are especially great in the summer during the monsoons. Gorgeous pics! Thanks for sharing!

  11. HEY! I live there! At least you didn’t get stuck driving through a crazy monsoon, though. The sunsets are pretty gorgeous.

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