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It’s Thursday. My favorite night for TV.

I’m a couple weeks behind with the Runway Rundowns so here’s a quick photo recap of last week’s favorites and misses.

First off, it was nice that the designers had a “normal” challenge. The pet store stuff was really fun. But after bird seed, the first week of bedsheets, and last week’s models on stilts?? I was kind of over the “crazy”. Btw, did the stilts runway show remind anyone else of JarJar Binks? I know they’re professionals and I could never walk on those things. But the jerky walking motions were odd.


Back to this week.

The designers created a look for…Nina! (one of the main judges).

She was specific with them saying, “I don’t like this, I don’t like that, I don’t like wild prints, I like simplicity, but I don’t want to see an entire runway of gray looks.” Oddly enough, the bottom two designs were boring shades of gray and tan.

So here’s what we saw….


It’s always funny when two designers pick up the same fabric. Anthony (who I’ve been loving for weeks) had the weaker look, I thought (left photo). And though it sorta seemed like Becky chose the fabric after him, I think her dress is pretty cool. I like how she let the white space of the fabric lead into the specks. Anthony’s looks choppy to me.

Left: Anya’s onepiece was interesting (though you have to be pretty skinny to wear it). The collar doesn’t look as pleasing here but on the runway, it was the best part of the outfit. And…it was created by Laura, who swooped in at the last minute to help Anya out. Some of the designers were bugged by that. Whatever. I don’t care. If a fellow designer wants to pitch in and lower their own odds of winning, it’s up to them.

Right: Viktor’s little black dress was cool. I could see Lady Gaga wearing an amped up version of those square shoulders.

I absolutely loved Kimberly’s winning look. It was simple, in a complicated kind of way and was totally chic and sparkly. I thought it was funny that most of the designers thought she in the bottom. That top is gorgeous and the pants fit beautifully.


Left: Wow, I kind of think this sad dress should have gone home. Cecelia knew she was making a boring garment but why would you even choose those fabrics in the first place? I may have disliked it more than…

Right: Julie’s jacket dress. The funny thing is, Cecelia helped Julie sew on those sleeves at the last moment. Guess it didn’t help. Julie went home.


These all placed in the middle but I don’t care for them. The orangey dress feels like Space Mountain, in a non-retro-cool way. Maybe moon boots would have improved the look? The middle dress has a horrible hem line. I know that sounds nit-picky. But it really looks messy down there. And the green dress? Eh. Kind of weird. Don’t like the off-the-shoulder drapey things. And I would never picture Nina wearing that.

And that’s about it!

It was odd to see Nina in Kimberly’s outfit at the end, though it fit her well. Felt like she was borrowing someone’s clothes. But how flattering to have a big name magazine Editor like your work.

Hope you’re ready for another Episode tonight!

Bring on the drama. Bring on the designs.

Your thoughts?

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