Thrifty Wednesday

It’s been a while since I shared my finds. So today is the day!

These past couple weeks I’ve been on a thrifty binge. And though I don’t have much to show for it, the pieces I found will add the perfect decor to our kitchen (which is almost finished. We just need to paint the back doors and put in a backsplash! Oh, and I need to make curtains. Okay we’ve got a few things left)

THRIFTY FINDS is not a regular blog feature but you can see other thrifty posts here:

and now, step on over to the table and I’ll share my treasures….
These four pieces are my favorite. They completely represent the colors and style of our house. A bit vintage, a bit modern, and a splash of color. Not sure where they’ll go. Once we finish our kitchen, I’m sure they’ll find a cozy spot on the counter.
or maybe mr. blue will be a vase filled with yellow wild flowers? Hmm. Options.

When I saw the floral tin tray in the back, I knew I wanted it. Totally fun, totally cute, a totally great prop for a photo shoot. You might see it again in the future! Or I can hang it on the wall as artwork! Maybe? I’m sure my husband would give me the questioning eye.
No worries, if it doesn’t go on the wall he can serve me breakfast in bed instead.
This bowl is my favorite piece. And I just found out that it’s part of a set! Man, how I wish I had all of these. But I’m still happy with lonely yellow. In fact it’s probably obvious that my favorite color is yellow. And I have a thing for circles. I’m actually thinking of small penny tiles for our backsplash… pale blue, white, yellow, gray? I can’t decide. That’s the reason we haven’t started the project yet.
Fondue anyone? This 5×7 recipe book is going in a white frame and will hang somewhere in our kitchen, near this guy.
I’m not one for collecting glass jars. But this one was so cool and tall, I couldn’t pass it up. I would love to see colorful candies in there. And I would hate telling my kids “no” every time they walked by it.
The jar had tiny remnants of oat dust inside from the previous owner and the smell immediately reminded me of my Grandma’s cupboard. I love how quickly our sense of smell triggers memories.
This (fake, obviously) alligator skin wallet was a random purchase. But I thought it would be cute with a green outfit. And…..sad to admit….but Owen carried it all around Goodwill and was really the person who wanted to buy it. We’ll pretend it’s his European Carryall.
My last two finds are fabrics.
I showed this vintage sheet to Casey and asked, “should I make curtains with this?”
“Hmm, it looks like a bed sheet.”
“It is a bedsheet.”
(and, scene)
So, not sure what I’ll do with all these fun stripes. Maybe a cute dress? I’ve got a queen-size sheet of fabric to work with.
Finally, this pile of red is really cool. In the back corner of the store near the bedding was a stack of red textured vinyl, about 2 1/2 yards. Ooooo. This will make a fun project! Too bad there’s not any red in my house or I’d make another set of slipcovers for our barstools. Or maybe I’ll make a cute purse? Whatever the outcome, it’s a nice addition to the stash. And since it’s definitely not going to fit in the cupboard, it’s going in the closet.
And there you have it! My Thrifty Finds.
There were some clothing purchases mixed in there too but we’ll save that for another day.
Total money spent: $20
And since I love to hear about your thrifty finds, here’s my favorite comment from the last post

Sascha at Piccoli Piselli:
My dad bought a nice ink drawing of Abraham Lincoln framed with a small cut out document with his signature at a thrift store. Um, yes, HIS SIGNATURE! Turned out to be the real deal. We found out later that this was a paper that a previous slave would carry to show his freedom. I can’t remember the wording of the document, but my dad was so sweet he gave it to me to do as I please. I sold it to a collector of course and gave my dad the money. I love me some thrifting.

How totally cool is that?!! And what a sweet dad too.
Tell me about your recent thrifty finds!

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