Thrifty Thursday

After my last post about Thrifty Finds, some of you asked if it was a new blog feature. Interesting idea! I can’t guarantee how consistent I’ll be. But I will try to post things her and there because it’s so much fun see the treasures we find.
and since last round seemed a bit blue themed…..I thought we’d go with GREEN this time around. So, here are some items purchased from local thrift shops in our town:
$.50: Hand-painted Dessert Place. It’s just, you know, cute.
$7 – Black Leather Heels (I know, kind of high price for a thrift store. Blasted Goodwill. But cute shoes, in great condition)
I’ve never been huge on wicker baskets, but this cheery green one caught my eye. And it was only $.50.
And how great is this soft knit Poppy fabric? 2 yards for $1. Gotta come up with a project for it now…
This however was the highlight of my shopping….a fabulous overhead projector! These come in real handy for large art projects. A perfect-condition working projector for $20? Score!
Before purchasing, I asked the old lady at checkout if I could plug it in to make sure everything worked okay. She looked at me with a questioning eye and asked, “what is it??” Haah. Thanks for the morning chuckle thrift store lady.
And lastly, I found this interesting artwork for $2. Not really my style and definitely needs a newer/modern frame. But amazing embroidery.
I couldn’t believe the amount of work that went into this birch tree scene. I just need a spot to put it….
and those are my finds! All these treasures for $31. Definitely more than I spent last time. But hey, there was an (almost) new Overhead Projector in there!
And just for fun….my favorite reader comment from the last Thrifty Post had to be Anne from Craft Gossip:

My favorite find was this RIDICULOUS bathrobe from screaming electric blue fake fur. I got it for $2 and took it home and sent it through 2 wash cycles to make sure I got it clean. Then I shortened it, replaced the lining (with a metallic blue and purple space print, no less), and added large gold buttons to the front. Double-breasted. It was SOOOO pimp, and I wore it everyday to my most horrible corporate job to combat the depressing gray atmosphere. Oddly enough, I got tons of compliments on it there.


Um, I think we need a photo Anne.

What’s been your favorite recent Thrift Store find??

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