Thrifty Friday: Fall Edition

Have you been awake since 5am scoring all sorts of Black Friday deals? I have to admit…..I’ve never done the Friday-after-Thanksgiving shopping, simply because I can’t pull my body out of bed before 7am (and I value my sleep more than saving $30…I think). But I totally applaud those of you that go! Honestly, I’m impressed at your motivation. And I’d love to hear what good deals you found!

So, instead of sharing Black Friday stories how about the Thrifty Finds I’ve collected over the month? If you’re joining us for the first time, you’ll find other Thrifty posts here:

It was an interesting month at the thrift store. During one trip, items were just jumping off the shelf at me. But during another trip, the sweet looking 60-year-old cashier refused to sell me the coolest vintage baby toy because the price tag had fallen off.

Me: Hi there, can you tell me how much this toy is, since there isn’t a tag on it?
Her: Oh, if the tag fell off, I can’t sell it.
Me: (confused) So….can you give me a price?
Her: No. I can’t sell it.
Me: (still confused) So, why is it on the shelf if it’s not for sale? (interpretation: are you in the business of selling people’s old crap? or am I at the wrong thrift store?)
Her: someone must have taken the tag off, so I can’t sell it.
Me: Right, but….can you give me a price on it, so that you can sell it?
Her: No, then I’d have to do that for everyone and it would take too much time out of my day.
Me: Um, okay (?) Can I ask your manager to give me a quote (seriously, the toy is worth $2)
Her: I am the manager
Me: (awesome)
Me: So, is it ever going to be for sale?
Her: Well, I have to send it to the back of the store and they’ll reprice it and then it might be back on the floor in a couple of days, so you’ll have to check back then, or I can get it back from the pricing people and try to hold it in my office for you.
Me: You know, honestly, with all the time we’ve wasted right now talking about this, you probably could have just quickly quoted me a price and saved on productivity.
Her: (blank stare)
Me: Okay, well why don’t you save it for me in your office and I’ll be back in two days to get it.
(which…..probably won’t happen. I just needed some sort of leverage in the no-win battle. Total DMV debacle).
Her: Um, okay. I’ll save it for you. See you on Wednesday.

What a bizzaro trip. Thankfully I went back two weeks later, after I’d gotten over the sour cashier episode, because I found some really great Fall items!

So, step over to the table and check out my treasures!
First we have potholders and place-mats. I love a good crocheted item and I think the red/white one will make a cool pocket on a dress or skirt.
If you remember the place-mats from my last Thrifty post, well I added this tan one to the mix and already made some Christmas gifts! I’ll be sharing them with you in a couple weeks, as a Simple Handmade Gift idea.

Too bad I didn’t find this during the month of Yellow. Super 70s, super cute, and a super great container for….
Rice! Seriously dumb but I haven’t had a container for my rice since, well, ever. Now it’s so easy scoop out a cup of rice.
Next up, two sheets.
One very soft jersey cotton knit, one olive green cotton woven. Both will make excellent fabrics for a dress or ruched leggings.
This pillow is a great mix of vintage modern. Velveteen on one side,
And dense woven embroidery on the other.
I’ve been trying it out on our bench for a couple weeks now and I think it’s found a home.
And speaking of plush items, I also found this really cool knitted dog. He would be adorable in a baby nursery.
Or cuddled next to Owen. Too bad I didn’t find two dogs; both kids love him.
and for now, he sits on our couch.
For my winter baking needs, I found a lovely tart dish and another cheap bread pan. I love simple aluminum pans so much more than the non-stick stuff. They bake more evenly.
These three cup will make lovely soup bowls.
For the Fall, this wax-covered pinecone caught my eye. And a cute older woman stopped me in the store to explain how the process works (she used to work in a candle shop). She said they used to do multiple layers of wax dipping but one of you tipped me off to this crayon-covered version tutorial that looks really fun and brilliant!
I’m sure you’re wondering why real pumpkins were at a thrift store? Well, they weren’t inside but outside on the lawn, about 60 of them, with a sign that said “FREE!” So I grabbed a few for our kitchen table.
And lastly, a few apparel items. These great tights, brand new from Urban Outfitters, for only $1! I wore them to church last week and Casey gave me a questioning eye.
Two cute necklaces.
and a soft knit shirt from Forever 21.
Fits just like new!
And those are my treasures. All for $26.50.
What’s your recent favorite Thrifty Find (or Black Friday deal?)

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