Thrifty Finds

I’ve always been a thrifty girl and I know many of you are as well.

Thrift store shopping to me is:
* finding something unexpected
* seeking out vintage
* finding something new
* turning trash into treasure
* reduce, reuse, recycle

I could hit the thrift shops every day if it was feasible.
But since I can only handle 30 minutes of my kids playing with 2nd-hand stuffed animals, while I rummage through “another man’s trash”, it’s a monthly thing for us.

I love seeing your thrifty finds, so I’m sharing mine as well.
Step on over to the table and check out my treasures…..
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  1. I am a late bloomer with crafts. I love thrift shopping and learning to remake. I like your site and will use it. Even though my children are grown and my grand-kids are bigger, I might still have another grand-baby or child someday. I loved those chenille burp cloths. Keep posting, girl. I am 61 1/2 and I love it!

  2. 2) Melissa

    For me, I started thrift shopping as a necessity when, as a single mom struggling to make ends meet, I just didn’t have the money to go buy clothes brand new from the store for my daughter, who was around 2 at the time (she’s now almost 13). I couldn’t even afford Wal-Mart clothes!! So, I started hitting up the local Salvation Army, Goodwill and Savers (a thrift store chain) to find her a wardrobe, and I found brands that I love on her that looked (and still do) really cute like Old Navy, Gap for kids, Lands End, Children’s Place. She was better dressed from the thrift store, than even I could have imagined!! And it was free too, because the children’s consignment stores nearly always bought items from me that she outgrew. And if they didn’t? No biggie. I’ve always maintained a personal policy of spending no more than $2 per shirt and $4-$5 for pants for her, that I still use to this day. What I found was that thrift shopping actually relaxes me. I don’t know exactly how that works, but the tension just melts right off me as soon as I walk in and start finding deals for my daughter and I. And it’s not just clothes (although 90% of both hers and my wardrobe comes from thrift shopping) that I find. Our couch was $50 and it’s NICE!! My sewing machine was $10 and it works perfectly. Household items, toys, you name it!!

  3. My idea of thrifty is buying the .99 rack at the thrift store.
    I buy many many men’s dress shirts, they make the cutest pants using the kid pants by dana Made, the front of the pants is cut so the front button up shirt is one of the sides of the pants. So cut one front from the front of the shirt and one back from the front, then cut one easch each from the back of the shirt. The hem of the shirt is the hem of the pants. These are also called Huck Finn pants when cut to a capris length. They are ever so cute. I took a photo of a few of the men’s shirts, I then cut into pants for the grand boys. and took after shot of the boys wearing them, they were a hit. Do the same for girls with ladies blouces. I use the fabric from the sleeves for baby shorts and other things. A womens skirt is alot of fabric and with the return of retro to the thrift stores, the dresses and skirts are cuter then ever. Garage sales on the lasy day near the closing up time, you can score good deals, just ask. The rest of these cloz for $5 or $10, they were probably going to just donate to the thrift store anyways.
    Grandma’s great deals turned into great kids clothes, for almost nothing.

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