Thrifty Finds: kitschy

Over the summer I got out of the habit of sharing my thrift store treasures. But don’t worry…I’ve been collecting them.
And this time around I have a kitschy roundup.

Sometimes when thrifting I look at an item and it’s not really “me”….maybe it’s too vintage for our house, or the orange is too bright, or it’s just too outside of the box for my normal taste. But it’s also cute, funky, or unique. I just can’t pass it up. It’s almost as if one of you were standing next to me, telling me I’d be crazy not to buy it. And I obey.
So step on over to my table!
Here’s what I found….
First the kitsch.

I’ve been looking for an owl and this guy hooted at me. Then I turned him around….and he was a vase! Strange/cool. I think I’ll spray-paint him a solid color. White? Orange? Gray?
An old syrup container.
Sometimes thrifted items are deceiving–they’re actually new but recreated to look vintage and retro. But this is the real deal. The lid is a little rusted/crusted on top. Owen quickly claimed it as a house for Buzz Lightyear.

Aw. Little piggy bank. Who can say no?
Sadly, the plug is missing on the bottom. But Owen keeps sticking pennies in there and watches them fall out. I need to tape her up.

I have no idea what to do with this bowl. It doesn’t match anything in our house. I’m sure there’s a party down the road–or some make-believe play time in Lucy’s room–that will need a cute girl bowl.
Vintage tea towel.
Too brown for my style. But it was just….cute. And I love a beautiful linen-woven textile. It’s so pretty and soft.
Seersucker bloomers for 50 cents! Can’t pass that up.
Pink costume jewelry, also 50 cents? Sure.
I rarely find cool books at the thrift store. Today I scored. We’ve been reading Madeline all week with the kids.
There’s something homey about worn edges on a hard-bound book.
Left: Crocheted doily. It’s the “too orange” I was talking about. But maybe I’ll find a place for it. Another pocket on a skirt?

Right: 2 yards of Ernie and Bert ribbing. Holy cow, what will I do with that? It’s a bit too bright to be modern. But I’m sure there’s a costume in the future….
This fabric, however, I love.
Soft, simple, dainty cotton.
Any guesses on the red guy?
Cheese grater!
With a little cup to catch the cheese. I secretly love that it says “made in Italy” on top.
Another “can’t pass it up”–floral tin tray.
It’s rusted in a few spots. It would be pretty cool hanging on a wall.
And this was the final kicker.
The Reagan family paperdolls! Seriously, these are rad.
Ronnie, Nancy and the kids:
With funny outfits. I love the “when we grow up”….Jane Fonda and Baryshnikov.
Of course you need an Oval Office to play in.
And visitors to chat and strategize with.
And there you go.
A whole lotta thrifty fun.
What’s you favorite kitschy find?

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  1. 1) Leah Joy Sample

    LOVE these “Thrifty Finds” posts! But, man! Your Goodwill and the other thrift stores you’ve got in your area are royally kicking the butts of any around here in Memphis, TN… You find such greats little treasures!

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