Thrifty Finds: BOY Edition

It’s been a while since I shared my thrifty finds and the goods are piling up!
So head over to my table and I’ll show you my BOYish treasures…..
First up, simple summer clothes. I never say no to seersucker!….or stripes….or cute t-shirts for $1. Owen has a similar pair of shorts in brown/white seersucker, also purchased from a thrift shop, which he wore in the Big Sweater to Little Sweater pics. Of course you can easily make your own using the KID pants pattern!
Baby Gap suede boots. Purchased at Goodwill….for $3! WHAT?? I actually bought them a year ago for Lucy to wear but she never did and has outgrown them. I need to get them on Owen soon.
A small, boy-sized messenger bag. I really love this find. It’s a cool bag, looks vintage/army-like, and cost 2 bucks. Perfect for toting around toy cars and snacks.
Okay, I know this isn’t “cute”. It says “Westin Kids Club”. But….it’s the perfect size backpack for Owen. I was gearing up to make one for him this past summer (for our airplane trip) but then I found this and snatched it up. I just need to sew something cool over the kids club words. Maybe a patch….
A well-made, wooden tool box. Only $1. Sold.
A cute ambulance set by Playmobil. This little thing just made me smile.
Owen smiled too and played with it for an hour, putting injured people on the gurney and whisking them off to the hospital.
I love the top of this kid’s head.
A king size sheet….which would make a great quilt backing since it’s so large! Now I just need to start quilting.
Two yards of corduroy fabrics ($1 each) and a pin-striped pillowcase. Might make a cute pair of summer shorts?
This was probably the best find of the month. A vintage rocking chair for $15! And….it’s in great condition, just needs a bit of sanding and probably a new paint job to match our front room.
I asked Owen to sit in it for a pic and he said, “mom, I’m an old man.”
Then I asked for his old man face and got this:
But I’m sure you’re wondering about those fun shirts hanging up next to Owen. I love them all! And they were all purchased at normal old thrift shops, among the ugly worn-out puppy dog sleepers and stained onsies. Never overlook the racks that might seem unpromising!
I found this shirt two years ago for $2 and have been waiting for Owen to grow into it. Now’s the time!
These two shirts were given to me by my brother Eric. He loves thrift shopping as much as I do and checks unexpected spots for cool clothing. He browsed the women’s jeans rack once and found the perfect fitting “skinny” jeans for himself! (and he’s going to kill me for sharing that with you). But who cares what the tag says; it’s all about how it looks.
So he bought these shirts at D.I. for $2 each and thought Owen would look great in them. Thanks Eric! I love the cowboy pockets and pearl-covered buttons. The Wrangler tag just finishes it off.
Owen showed it off last year over his Conando shirt.
Next up….how about this dapper jacket? Seersucker again!
It’s very well tailored, totally cute, and cost me $4. I was almost nervous when I saw it….worried that it might slip out of my hands and into someone else’s! What a find! Owen will probably fit it in a year.
Next treasure…a cool cargo jacket from Old Navy (purchased at Goodwill for $4).
It has a soft heather knit lining. What a great overcoat!
And it looks great with another not-so-fun thrifty find….Billy Bass, who’s missing an eye.
Well, I didn’t actually buy the fish. Billy Bass was in Grandma and Grandpa’s garage and when Owen stayed there over the summer he became obsessed with the singing fish. So they had an extra one laying about (long story. Casey’s dad works in Special Effects and needed it for something) and they gave it to Owen to bring home to TX. And he LOVES THAT UGLY THING. He even sleeps with it! And he’s named it “Don’t Worry Be Happy”. Appropriate. We saw one just like it at Goodwill and he beamed with excitement. But I reassured him that one Don’t Worry Be Happy fish was enough for our house.

And that wraps up my BOY finds! Do you have a favorite thrifty boy treasure?

Here’s the Thrifty Breakdown. More than I usually spend but the rocking chair was worth it. You can see other Thrifty Finds posts HERE.
Now hurry to the thrift shop! Treasures are sitting there, just waiting for you.
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  1. 1) Suzette

    I love stuff that sings or moves. I bought a Bill fish and it now proudly hangs in the outhouse at our cottage. Nothing like “be happy, don’t worry” while spending quality time in an outhouse. My husband thinks I’m nuts of course. Doesn’t matter as long as it makes me happy. Happy thrifting,

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