The Slim Slack with GUEST: This Mama Makes Stuff

Okay, let’s start talking PANTS…..and not just your simple knit-with-elastic-waistband types (though I do love me some of that). Are you ready to spruce up your pant-making skills? Over the next few posts we’ll be sharing Boy PANTS ideas and techniques with you. So sit back, relax, and let’s get blogging.

Our GUEST today is a true artist of her craft. She’s a genius at refashioning (she introduced me to Wardrobe Refashion). And with 3 adorable kids behind her sewing inspiration, they can certainly claim that……This Mama Makes Stuff:
Carrie, the artist behind This Mama Makes Stuff, has spent many years sewing the girly things. And she does it so well. Just browse her TUTORIALS button and you’ll find a project with your name on it. One of my favorites being the Crafters Give Back: T-shirt Dress. We made tons of these with our church group one night and Carrie organized the delivery of dresses to a local charity. Such a simple and worthwhile project.

So, when this cute guy (and I mean, crazy cute) came along 2 years ago, Carrie switched gears a bit and figured out how do her thing for him:

(photo credit: Carson Photography)

She’s dyed and appliqued boy Burp Cloths:
She has an awesome T-shirt to Newborn Gown tutorial, that I’ve had on my “to-do list” for years. Maybe this is the year!

And today, Carrie’s sharing her latest PANTS with us! But not just any pants. These are so hip and current. You will love them.

So let’s hear from The Mama…….

It’s funny to look back on how worried I was about what it would be like to have a baby boy. With two daughters already in the family, I was confident in my ability to raise girls, but little boys? I was terrified. I heard a few pieces of advice about raising boys during the few months before the little guy joined our family, ranging from “Baby boys love their moms” to “They’re way easier than girls” and my favorite (which came at a baby shower for another woman who was having a boy after already having a girl):

“You can try all you want to keep toy guns out of your house and away from your precious little boy, but the next thing you know he will be chewing his peanut butter and jelly sandwich into the shape of a gun and shooting his sister.”

After that I thought, “uh, oh. Am I in trouble?”

Then, there was the clothes. Boy clothes. After spending six years in the LA & NYC fashion industries designing little girls clothes, figuring out what my little guy was going to wear might have been most terrifying part of having a boy.
But the little guy has stolen my heart like the girls never could. And little by little I’ve gained confidence in dressing him, slowly opening my eyes to a whole new world of sewing and crafting for little boys.

(photo credit: Carson Photography)

Over the last four years, refashioning has become my specialty, but still my projects lean heavily to girls. But today, I have finally moved beyond Rockin’ Baby Gowns for boys (it’s about time, baby brother turns two in April):
And “this mama” has created a fun and easy way to make “slim slacks” for your hip little boy out of thrifted men’s trousers. Check it!

Um….How cool are those pants? I’ll be hitting the thrift store this afternoon.
You can find the complete Slim Slacks tutorial HERE on This Mama Makes Stuff.
Thank you Carrie for sharing your brilliant ideas.

Rae’s got a new round-up on her blog. Go check it out!

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