the skirt has a NAME

My oh my! This was not as easy as I thought it would be. So many of you joined in the fun. You sent so many great ideas. You got my wheels a spinning. Ladies (and one gentleman), it was truly hard to choose just ONE name. In fact, you’d think there were more important things I’ve deliberated over in my life. But honestly, all day I’ve gone back and forth, back and forth over which name I liked best. I emailed my best girlfriends for advice, I consulted my husband more times than he enjoyed. And even, now as he sleeps (it’s 1am), I’ve decided to go with a different name than he thinks! Muh-ha-ha.
And before I get to the real juice here, I just had to share another photo with you….to remind you why you came up with such cute names. Found in our Flickr group, it’s from Jodie at About Us. And I just can’t get over the whole ensemble. The skirt, the sweater, the hair accessory? if you’re looking for a way to wow me, this is it! Jodie, absolutely beautiful. Get ready Valentine’s Day, our skirt-with-a-new name just captured your heart.


(sorry for my rambling)


The formerly titled Turkey Dressing Skirt will now be known as:

The Can-Can Skirt!

The pictures of all your skirts either made me want to eat a ton of sweets or get up and dance. And well, dancing is something dear to my heart. So the Can-Can it is!

So who is the winner? Well, something I didn’t factor in to this is that some of you might actually come up with the same name! And wow, a lot of you did. Something many of you had in common were:
Twirly Girly
Fluffes, Fruffles, Truffles, Truffle Shuffle, Rufflicious
Cupcake, Frosting, Cotton Candy

and NINE of you had variations on the words Can-Can.

So….here’s what I decided to do. I put all of you Can-Can girls in random order, from 1 to 9. And using, selected one of you to be the Big winner. And the other 8 of you to still be winners (but with a slightly smaller prize). I hope that pleases everyone!

The BIG Winner is: Kristin Grimm!
And the other Winners are:
Lonni Leavitt

j ral

Debra Horn
Amy Webb
p. j. (brescia)
Carrie Burroughs
Carol Harlow

Hong Davis

Congrats to you all! Kristin will get the $40 gift card to my shop. And the other winners will get to choose from one of my new patterns which I hope to put out in the next month (unless you would like the Turkey…I mean Can-Can skirt pattern! The name will take some getting used to.) I’ll be emailing all of you later in the day with details.

I can’t thank you all enough for participating and putting your creative caps on. I wouldn’t have come up with that name on my own!

And thank you also giving me some chuckles as I sorted through emails. A few that made me laugh:

The Nice Skirt- this was my brothers idea but it makes me think that you would also have The Naughty Skirt and I don’t think you would.”

“Ruffle butts drive me nuts skirt(seriously they do … they are so cute!)”

“The Ruffle Fluffle Falafel Skirt”

and since it’s hard enough for my family to remember what SYTYC stands for, I’m not sure this would work:
“Skirt You Can’t Get Me Out Of or: SYCGMOO”.

You guys have some creative minds. Please continue to inspire me with your beautiful versions of the Can-Can skirt. And thank you Danna Pettit for emailing this sweet version last night. Man, now I wonder if I should have gone with a food theme afterall? Each of your skirts remind me of something I’d like to eat. Chocolate Raspberry Truffle anyone? What an absolute doll:
It’s such a thrill to what you all come up with!
Okay, over and out.
Have a great week!

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