The Queen of Hearts

Remember that crochet thread last week? The colorful thread that kept some of you wondering, she crochets??? Well, I felt a bit misleading and I hope I haven’t let your imaginations down. I do in fact crochet but not very often. At our house, crochet thread is used for my favorite “sit-on-the-couch-and-watch-project-runway-while-still-feeling-productive” project…..Hair Clips!

Hello Feb 14th. The Queen of Hearts has arrived.
As you’ve probably gathered by now, taking photos of colorful objects makes me happy.
All of our felt hair clips are made of soft felt so they sit comfortably in your little girl’s hair…even when there’s not very much of it.

These Heart clips come in two sizes: Medium and Large.
* Medium works well for girls with small to average amounts of hair (anywhere from a baby to a 3 year old).
* Large works well for older girls and also young girls with thicker hair. They even look great on adults. So grab one for yourself!

Choose from Double-Lined Red above…..Hot Pink Doilies, below:
Deep Maroon:
The Alice in Wonderland Heart. I’m sure the white rabbit would love a valentine.
or my favorite: Pink Frosting. I’m ready to start a batch of sugar cookies right now….
Lucy and her friends have been wearing these clips for years. And the best part is, a Heart is universal……. so it’s fashionable any time of the year!
Our quantities are VERY limited (about 4-6 of each style), so get them while they last HERE in the SHOP.

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