the Pre-Wedding Dinner

I’m back from my quick trip to California and it was a beautiful weekend. We had two days of wedding prep, laughing with my cousins and family, very little kid-interaction (which was a fun break, though I was happy to see them when I got home), and then there was a wedding!–for my cousin Adrian and her husband Ryan.
Here they are at the pre-wedding dinner with my cousin Jarond.
I had a ball snapping photos. I was totally free from responsibility so I could roam around taking candid shots. I took more photos than you’ll ever want to see but I’ll break into two posts.

Friday night was the pre-wedding dinner at a quaint Mexican restaurant in the Trabuco Canyon. It was the perfect outdoor setting with twinkly lights, cool California air, and lots of chips and salsa.
I’m always curious who people are related to–what the rest of the gene pool looks like. So here’s an inside peek at my family. We were only missing my older sister, Saunja, for the weekend. And I was an idiot for not taking a photo of me with the rest of my siblings. But that’s how it goes when you’re the one behind the lens…you forget to jump in-front.

Here’s an in-front moment, however, with two of my sisters. Camille is two years older than me on the left; Meredith is 13 years younger on the right. Aren’t they cute?
My younger brother Eric and his wife Laura:
My youngest brother Mark and his wife Sara. I’m lucky to have two really fun, cute sister-in-laws:
Me and my mom Cindy (my dad was late finishing up a photo-shoot for work):
And a whole medley of yummy food and really fun family….
Braden has the best eyes.
Think they’re related? Gerrit and his cute daughter Alice:
My cousin Rachael is one of the most fun people I know and her energy is unstoppable. She stayed up till 3am Thursday night highlighting my hair. Love her.
My cousin Cameron and his camera–inseparable.
My cousins Kam and Karis.
Doesn’t Kam’s red hair make you a little jealous? I could never pull that off.
And just some randomness….
My aunt and uncle hired a few babysitters for the night and it was the best idea ever. It was really fun to enjoy adult conversation with some of my favorite people.
Wedding pics to come!

  1. 1) Chris Eddy

    Hi Dana! It’s a voice from your past. I forget how this first came to my attention, but I have been meaning to write you about it for a long time. First, I have no interest or aptitude in making things! HOWEVER, your site is so very well done that I am in awe. Your preparation , explanations, and illustrations are so organized, explicit, and easy to follow- I wish I had been half as good at explaining and showing how to do things as a teacher.
    ( Of course, it is also fun to see your immediate family and your extended family – what a great group!! Please say hello to your siblings and your parents. It is literally true that Nancy and I use your Mom as the ideal in parenting, as in “I wish Mrs Suman was raising these kids!”) OK, now I will go back to occasionally checking things out. It is always great to see how wonderful one’s students turn out.

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