the Pompadour

….just keeps getting bigger.

Mostly, I’m not sure how else to do her hair.   After a bath, I comb the back hair down and the front hair into the middle so she gets a real nice wave.

It seems to work.

And it looks a little like this guy.

I should make Clara a girly one of these.

I made some extras last year for Casey and my brother Eric.  Maybe a pink onesie with orange Coney?  Hmmm.

I guess if she’s looking like Conan, then she also looks like the President of Finland?

Or maybe it’s more like this guy….

 Or this?
 (her middle name is Rose).

Maybe she just looks like herself.

It really is strange having a child with different hair color than my other kids.  I’ve always wanted that.  And now that we have that I look at her and wonder where she came from.  Of course her face has total family resemblance.  She’s just got a cherry on top.

We sure love our Conan-ita.

  1. 1) jess


  2. 2) Nina

    She is just so squishy and sweet!

  3. Gorgeous, funny, adorable (and thanks for the posterize tute too, I had never seen that before!)

  4. 5) Camille

    The height of cuteness! I love those chubby arms and blue eyes!

  5. 6) Jenny

    My daughter had the exact same hair color and style when she was that age! Now that she’s going to be one later this month, things are starting to even out so that she has longer hair on the sides, but when she was younger she rocked the faux hawk quite a bit! Too cute!

  6. 9) LucyL

    so adorable, so love her smile!

  7. 10) Megan

    That is one adorable behbeh.

  8. You are too funny! She is definitely her own adorable self – even with the Conan resemblance. 😉

  9. Ahh! She’s too cute! I think she looks like a Kewpie doll 🙂

  10. 13) claire


    I discovered your blog a month ago or so, when I was looking for easy patterns to make boys clothes. I’m following sewing classes since a year now and I’m trying out some things you posted. It’s very inspiring, it makes me think more creative too!
    Thank you and keep on blogging 🙂
    Greetings from Belgium.

  11. Such a hilarious post! And man, Dana, she sure is a cutie!!

  12. 16) RaeLyn

    Too Cute! It just goes to show that hair definitely has a mind of its own!

  13. she is sooooooo cute!!!!!!
    She has wonderful blue eyes. Zauberhaft! Zuckersüss!

    Ganz liebe Grüsse aus Berlin

  14. 18) Michelle Lubbers

    She looks like her beautiful self, her very beautiful self.

  15. Ahh she’s adorable! My son who is one has that same “tuft” but it’s on the crown of his head and it grows toward his face and clumps together haha! Poor thing, I have a feeling he is destined for a shaved head like his daddy 🙂 I have always wanted a red headed girl but then I foud out u have to have red hair on both sides because it is such a recessive trait, I also heard in a few hundred years there will be no more red heads… Weird!

  16. She is a doll! I just had my third too and everyone says they all look the same, brown hair and brown eyes, but I am so excited that this ones eyes are going to be blue! Yay! A little variety to add some spice!

  17. Cutiest post ever. Such an adorible baby girl.

  18. 23) Debbie C

    She is ADORABLE and I loved this post – Hilarious! (Thanks!)

  19. 24) Joanna W

    those rolls on her arms in the third picture down are too much! She’s so sweet!

  20. She is gorgeously squishy. Love seeing her pictures–they always make me smile!

  21. 27) Sarah M.

    So, my hubby and I just found out we are prego (about 2 weeks ago)! Only 6 weeks along, so very early. BUT, your sweet little piece of heaven makes me tingle all over and just want to dive through the screen and snuggle up to her and kiss her!

    Thank you for making my baby fever even more pronounced :)!

  22. 28) Melissa H

    I agree, super cute post!! What a little gem you have there ::)

  23. She is so, so cute!! I love her hair.

  24. A~dorable!!! Of course, I am a little jealous since none of my boys got my red hair. Funny how that works 😉 Smiles~Beth

  25. Haha! The comparison pics made me laugh out loud! She is a cutie-pie!

  26. What a little sweetie! That hair is funny and precious all at once. 🙂

  27. 35) Paula

    My goodness! This was so funny. You should submit that first picture of her to the Conan show. She’s just such a chubby little bundle of joy!! So cute.

  28. 36) Krista Hansen

    She is so cute!! I am so hoping for a little red headed girl after my two blondies. I would love it!! I guess we’ll know in about 7 weeks. I love the picture of her smiling.

  29. hahahaha! Those pictures are AWESOME! I had to laugh out loud with all the the comparison shots! priceless.

  30. 41) bee

    I could eat her with a spoon! So darn cute.

    I have blonde hair and blue eyes and my husband has brown hair and brown eyes. Our three kids have auburn hair and green eyes!

  31. I my goodness, I love this post. Clara is just sooo cute. I love all of the comparison photos. So ummm don’t think it’s weird if I pin this post. It just makes me smile!

  32. so funny!

    personally….i’ve always had a secret crush on conan.

  33. She’s so stinkin’ cute!! I love her little hair. Her faces make me smile. 🙂

  34. 45) Mandy

    You should definitely send this to Conan’s show. So funny!

  35. 47) Connie Sanders

    She is sooooo adorable!

  36. 48) Leanne M

    We have a ginger baby too and there is only one other on my husband’s side. It was such a surprise! I call him my recessive gene baby 🙂

    • You should have named him “Gene Wilder”! OK, Ok, that was just silliness, but it just fit so well. Pls, forgive my bad puns. 🙂

  37. 50) Sarah K.

    Hysterical and stinkin’ cute!

  38. 51) Gloria

    Seriously. The third picture down is quite possibly the cutest little face ever. Those rolls and squishy cheeks are delectable. Nice work.

  39. ha hahah ahahaha…. this is such a funny post. Clara is of course darling. I love her big beautiful eyes!

    I adore her red hair too.

  40. 53) Kelly

    Two of my babies have had hair that stuck up all over the place. I was so sad when it started to lie down! She is a cutie!

  41. 56) Connie

    Bahahaha! What a funny post Dana! Your Conanita is gorgeous. Connie in California

  42. 58) bdaiss

    Adorable. Just too stinking adorable.

  43. I am reading this the first thing in the morning, with my coffee and bread…
    With a BIG smile !!!!

    Thank you!!!

  44. 60) kristie

    I am sure in love with your cutie girl! And I haven’t even met her! Love the post

  45. I’m gonna hold you responsible when I actually do spit my coffee out all over my laptop 🙂 Those comparisons are HILAROIUS! Great job finding similar facial expressions. Off to chuckle my way throughout the rest of the day…

  46. Well, the combination of the hair and the leopard print onesie, I think she’s pretty much unstoppable, regardless of resemblances!

  47. This post made me laugh, because my oldest son had the same hair! His was bright red and just wouldn’t lay down, no matter what I did. Your baby is absolutely beautiful!

  48. She is SO adorable and I LOVE that you gave her a Conan – and it’s kind of hilarious that you actually posted side-by-sides of her and Conan. Made me smile:)

  49. 71) Chelsea

    She looks darling. I like the one of her with the bubble saying you’re fired.

  50. She is so beautiful. I hate to say this but… Her hair looks blonde to me!

  51. 73) Elise

    She is so adorable!!!!

  52. I’ve never seen such a cute and pretty baby. She has a disarming smile-enjoy it. Greetings with heart & soul from Sil.

  53. I think this may be the best post I’ve ever read. I LOVE it!

  54. My Natalie rocked a faux hawk for her first year of life as well. I didn’t even try to tame it, we loved it too much. Clara is adorable!

  55. 77) KimL

    She’s so adorable…just darling!

  56. 78) Sharon

    she’s so beautiful 🙂

  57. 79) Laura

    SO funny! You get the best pictures of her.

  58. 80) nancy

    She’s so CUTE!! Thanks for making me smile!

  59. 82) Aesha

    Ha Ha! I was cracking up through out this entire post! What a cutie pie, and the resemblance to Conan is hilarious!

  60. We call that the Fish Do! Love it.

  61. 84) rebecca

    She seriously is the cutest thing ever! I’m so jealous of that hair. I’ve never had a baby with hair, and it is sad. But there is so much more to be sad about in the world, so I’ll just look at pictures of your baby…and covet away!

  62. So cute! When my hubby Tim was a baby he had a quiff too! Maybe she’ll be a little rockabilly bb 🙂

  63. She is getting chubby! I had a baby girl around the same time and I love your monthly shots. You can really see the changes. What a pretty baby girl!

  64. 87) Naomi

    Oh my! The cuteness is overwhelming!! She gets cuter and cuter by the day.

  65. Oh my cuteness! You must make her a Conando shirt. I was just thinking about making another one the other day! Funny! Did you know Abby’s middle name is Rose? Those rosey girls sure are sweet. XO!

  66. Absolutely adorable photos!!! Enjoy your weekend!!

  67. 90) Eva Scott

    Aaaaaaaa she is SO cute!!!!!

  68. Looove her hair… what a cutey!

  69. She surely is totally nommable. Oh, she does make me entirely clucky again and I have only just gotten my sleep back after 5 1/2 years without it. That’s some special power your little wonder has!

  70. 94) Tina Leigh

    This post is hilarious!! thanks for the laugh. She is really so beautiful and I can already see she is starting to look like your other 2 cuties!!

  71. 95) Kellie

    This made me laugh out loud. She’s too cute!!!

  72. Those pictures crack me up! But the comments everyone is leaving are so interesting!

  73. Your sweet baby and those comparisons are priceless. (Thank you for the laugh this morning!)

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