the new haircut!

Thank you, thank you for all the great comments yesterday on the hairography.
Man, if you’re ever having a blue day, post something about your hair or what you wear and you’ll feel like a million bucks from all the feedback!

Okay, so….
I went with the old red-shirt photo many of you referenced.
And here you go:
Not quite as round-brushed and layered as before but it’s the 2011 flat-ironed update. Fits my mom lifestyle better–meaning, I can still pull it in a ponytail for the summer.
Styling it curly is a work-in-progress. I opted for no layers this time which doesn’t work as well with the curls. But I hated the layers when my hair was long/straight. So this hairstyle might be a straight-all-the-time kind of ‘do. But I’m cool with that too. My stylist thinned out a ton of the bulk in my hair and that feels nice too. I forget how much less conditioner and time it takes with short hair!

And you know, my hair was never this curly till I had children. I always had wave to my hair when I was younger and my hair was long. But it was never enough wave to style. And when it was short, there was no wave at all–which is why I could easily style short hair in those old pics, without a flat iron. But then I had Lucy, decided to cut my hair short, and wham, it was a curly mess! Maybe when I hit menopause it’ll go back the other way. And men think women are complex. No idea what they’re talking about.
To all you curly ladies out there, what’s your favorite non-crunchy product?…something that leaves the curls dry and bouncy…looking like you just walked away from the saltwater beach? Maybe that’s asking too much.

Have a great Friday!

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