the MOM and….the BOY?

Phew. The first week of Celebrating MOM down, and two more to go! Disney and I originally only planned for two weeks of celebration. But as the ball got rolling (as it does with most projects) we realized that we had enough stuff to go all the way to Mother’s Day. So we’re throwing more at you!

We realize it’s a lot of info and a lot of projects, but we hope that there’s something for everybody in there. And on that note, just a few items to bring up….

Celebrate the BOY

I know, we’re talking about moms. But I promised I would do it. And I finally did. It took me till 3 in the morning, but I’m so happy I did! Now I need my entire blog to be archived this way. (working on that it).

SO, drumroll…..
I give you the complete Celebrate the BOY archives!!
Just click on The BOY button and you’ll find a complete archive of tutorials, GUESTS, giveaways, info that went on during the month of February, when it was all boy on the blog.
And just you wait, Rae has been working on her’s as well. More info to come….

Celebrating MOM

I got a little wiser this time around and I’ve been archiving Celebrating MOM as we go. So, if you’re ever looking for something from our Celebration, you’ll find it all by clicking on the Celebrating MOM button:

Both of these buttons are in the left-hand column of my blog.

AND, I’ve added a Tab at the top of the blog called CELEBRATE. I hope this is just the beginning of many more Celebrations.

And that’s about it!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Some of you already made Carrot Cake. Mmmmm. There’s a sliver-of-a-piece left in our fridge. I’ll be eating that tomorrow.

Until then, sleep well.
I have a new tutorial to share with you in the morning!

Did you see the darling graphics that Disney came up with??? Check them out HERE:

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