the knitting bug strikes again

It’s been a while since my first knitting project.
And I’ve been itching for another one. You know, like a good book to read…the kind that you can’t put down. And that’s exactly what happened all weekend. I immersed myself in new yarn and made a permanent dent on the couch–avoiding my email inbox, with needles propped up on my pregnant belly.
It was really quite fun.
And I have no sewing projects to share because of it. So hopefully you’re in the mood for a knitting peek.
I pinned this chevron baby blanket from Purl Bee to my Cute Ideas board a few weeks ago and couldn’t get it out of my head. Isn’t it sweet?
The funny thing is, I had been thinking of a crocheted chevron blanket ever since the Missoni one popped up in Target–something similar to ones my grandma used to make. And was going to search for a pattern when voila, the Purl Bee showed up!

So I asked my friend Katherine if she could help me with the pattern.
She directed me to a lovely yarn shop on South Congress in Austin called Hill Country Weavers. It was darling. Owen and I wanted to touch every skein (and there was a Hey Cupcake trailer right across the street. Does it get better than that?)
The ladies in the shop were super helpful, explaining the different fibers and what I would need. They carried the pretty Blue Sky Cotton yarn on the left which is what Purl Bee used. But I went with this Berroco brand “Vintage” wool/acrylic blend on the right. There was a finished blanket there in the shop made out of the yarn and it was so soft and pretty and washes well too. I guess I still had Missoni on the brain cause those colors are a wee bit similar. Hopefully the finished blanket has my own feel to it.
And we got started!
One little blanket for my baby-girl-to-be.

Katherine taught me how to wind a center-pull ball (since the pattern uses double yarn strands). Clever. Two yarn openings. There’s a great video here that shows you how.
She showed me a Slip-Slip-Knit stitch and Knit into Front and Back stitch.
Baby steps to becoming a real knitter.

And just like magic, the pattern started working! We were both sort of amazed when the chevrons started showing up. Simple pleasures.
The fun thing about this pattern is….just when you get sick of the color you’re working on, it’s time to switch to the next one. Can’t wait to move on to the hot pink. Bye-bye purple.
Here’s my progress so far:
Just 5 more colors to go!
I’ll be done much faster than I thought.

  1. gorgeous colors…blanket is looking very nice!

  2. Very nice purple colour! What shade is that (the first one)?

  3. 3) Linda

    The blanket is beautiful Since you used double strand in knitting, is the blanket heavy? Do you think it can be knitted using one strand of yarn?

  4. 4) Penny

    So can you share the pattern? I always get so frustrated when burrowing through these sites where it says free pattern only to not be able to find it.

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