The Happy Soldier Dress Tutorial with GUEST: Sewing in no man’s land

Today’s guest is an super talented gal that I just met last week. Where have I been? Apparently not in Timor…or no man’s land….which is where Kelly and her cute family live. They’re on a 2 year assignment, working as diplomats for the US government (you can see more info on that here). And though fabrics are limited in their small country, Kelly finds all sorts of ways to create, sew, and stretch the textile yardage she has.
Sewing in no mans land is a site for sewing inspiration and tutorials galore. Kelly creates for herself and her kids.
And guess what? Yea. She’s an amazing photographer. Just reading this post about her camera and shooting methods taught me 10 new things.
Kelly has a HUGE love for yellow and often finds herself going back to it. She recently entered the Shabby Apple Dare to Design contest with the dress on the right (love that collar):
And if you’re not in the mood for sewing, just glancing at her darling kids will make you smile.
I’m so happy I found Sewing in no man’s land. Two of her projects are already on my to do list….
Tin Can Luminaries:
and the Bottom Mellow Dress:
Oh, and the Happy Soldier Dress that she’s sharing with us today! So let’s hear from Kelly….

Hello friends! I am Kelly, the chica behind Sewing In No Mans Land. I am a sewing, photographing, home decorating mother of 3 cuties living in a very remote part of South East Asia. I started No Mans Land as a way to stay connected with the crafting community and hopefully make some global friends! For everything I sew I offer free downloadable patterns and {try} to provide good step by step instructions on the blog. There is a lot more on my back story but to find out more feel free to click HERE. As for now, I am THRILLED to be a part of MADE’s yellow celebration.

I have been in heaven checking MADE everyday to see the fabulous, sunny, bright tutorials created by so many fantastic crafters and seamstresses. For my turn I was excited to have an excuse to make a pinafore I had been thinking about since returning from Rome. I saw these little “military” pinafores all over the place there (or HERE at Zara) and thought “hmmm I bet I could make one” (isn’t that always the way with us crafty ladies ha!) So, here it is the Happy Soldier Dress:
I know that is exactly what all my little subjects think while I am shooting them, I do some pretty silly stuff to get some smiles.
The pattern for the Happy Soldier is for size 4T and can easily be enlarged or reduced to meet your needs.
The complete tutorial can be found HERE at Sewing In No Mans Land! Thank you so much Dana, what color will you celebrate next? (Oh please let it be green ha!)

Thank you Kelly for sharing your talents! Hmm….green….intriguing. I guess that would fit right in with Christmas time! But first I’ve gotta make those luminaries. Heading to your site now!

  1. Hi Kelly,

    You have a wonderful blog and I love the yellow dress that little girl is wearing, very cute! Thanks for sharing!

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