the Citrus Sack

When I think of summer, I picture fresh cool citrus drinks and desserts. And who wouldn’t want a slice of summer as a gift?

So wrap up the summer with a simple gift:
* a colorful Hobo Sack
* filled with juicy fruits
* and your favorite Citrus recipe.
If you can’t bake-up a pie, you can give the ambience of summer pie!
Based on our normal Hobo Sack Tutorial  we’ve added a twist of lemon here.

* Want to add a lining to your sack?
* A girly ruffle?

We’ve included all the details back in our original tutorial.
Check it out HERE.

And when life gives you lemons, it’s only proper to bake Lemon Cream Pie.
So fill your Citrus sack up with fruit from your own tree, the local market, the grocery store.
Make sure you include your favorite citrus recipe.
And your name will praised for years to come.
You’ll find our favorite (and easy) Lemon Cream Pie Recipe HERE (and in the TUTORIALS Tab at the top of the blog):

Watch out Summer, we’re ready for you!
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