The Big Bag and IKEA

My new favorite place to shop for refashioning items? IKEA!
Since I love a bargain, I always browse the “As-Is” section on my way to the register. There are usually 4 HUGE bins full of random couch cushion covers, pillowcases, curtains, etc. Well, if you have the time rummage through (I did this without children), you may find some treasures. Here’s my latest buy:
And here’s what I made….a BIG Bag. To be honest, it didn’t turned out as I envisioned. But it’s growing on me:
The black fabric is a couch cushion cover. I love the color, it’s almost a black denim. And since the edges were all finished with a huge zipper attached, I decided to make it a duffle bag/cinched purse. I used the yellow linen curtain for straps and casing.
The cinching straps loop through both sides so you can easily pull them to cinch! the bag.
I added a pocket inside with velvcro closure since any small items were bound to be lost forever:
It looks a little cuter stuffed with goods. And you sure can fit a lot in there!
I also used one of my IKEA finds for the silhouette bag below. I scrapped the zipper on that one, however, and simply used the Pillow Cover as fabric for a new tote.
Enjoy your IKEA rummaging!

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