the bangs, the wolf, the doc, and others

With all this time-travel talk, I thought I’d really take you back to the 80s since one of you asked to see a photo of my big bangs.  So here you go my friends.  Fortunately or unfortunately, they lived:

The Suman Family, 1987
Santa Ana, California
First Day of School

Left to right: my oldest sister Saunja (10th grade), my sister Camille (8th grade), me (6th grade), my youngest brother Mark (4 years old), and my brother Eric (2nd grade)….who leaned more toward the Miami Vice trend of ’87.

Why it was okay for an 11 year-old to dress like a 40 year-old woman is an 80s riddle.  But we did it.  And loved it.  And if my sister Saunja wasn’t in her cheer uniform you can guarantee she’d be wearing a button-up blouse with a big gawdy brooch smack in the middle of the neck…and leggings…and a scrunchie.  Oh wait, she is wearing a scrunchie.  Or is that a banana clip?

And what am I wearing?  I remember the outfit clearly, since I had laid it out the night before.  A Forenza sweater vest, white jeans skirt (I think), an Esprit bag, and my white/pink LA Gear.  Oh and yep.  Braces.  My second round of braces….which came equipped with a head and neck-gear, which I ONLY wore at night (hello? the hair.  And my dignity)

I look like such a kid here though I remember feeling so old.  And would have totally melted if Ralph Macchio or Michael J. Fox ever blinked in my direction!  And speaking of Karate Kid….

Just had to include one more photo gem, circa 2002.
When Casey and I were dating he and his friends dressed up like 80s movie characters for Halloween.  And they were a hit.

Left to right: Brett as Teen Wolf, Brian as Karate Kid on Halloween (a costume within a costume), Casey as Doc Brown, and Devin as Peewee Herman.

Okay. Later skater.
Have a rad weekend!
And if you want to see more hairstyles….check out my hairography from the past 15 years (which sadly lost all the comments when I switched to wordpress.  boo)

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  1. I think I could dig up a similar photograph. Really, the same madness was going on in Europe.
    Loved to read this!

  2. 4) whit

    Frankly, I want 80s hair to make a comeback. I think I could re-rock these styles. (As a side note, a friend has a boss who still wears banana clips. I secretly envy her for holding onto them after all these years.)

  3. 5) Jen

    what stake were you guys in?

  4. 6) Lise

    I am so with you there! I am a few years older than you (probably the we of your oldest sister) so I remember 80’s fashions very well. Not always flattering (always? Ever?) but really funny to look back on.

    BTW, your son looks so much like your youngest brother!

    • 7) Kelly

      I was going to say the same thing! That could be Owen in the photo!

  5. 8) Spark*Amy

    The hair! That VAN!! What? No Trapper Keepers?! The 80s hairstyles may be the single reason for the hole in the ozone layer!! All that Aquanet!! Totally Rock On!!

  6. Did I mention that we met Matthew Broderick in NYC two weeks ago? Saw his Broadway play, got his autograph after. Michael got his picture with him and his head nearly exploded. It was our 80s magical night.

    Love the bangs! And can’t say enough about this post: white denim, Forenza (!!), the haaaaiiiiir, the button-up-blouse-w-broach (which was starring in my 9th grade class pictures), all of it. Like we were grannies. The oversized sweatshirt on Camille alone is worth this picture!! Good stuff. Good times.

  7. Your hair was spot on! All of you were. I want this pic to go viral to show college students what the 80’s really looked like. They post pics of 80’s parties and it is all neon. We didn’t do neon the whole 80’s but Forenza? Yes. Don’t forget Outback Red. 🙂 The Limited and The Gap took all my money.

  8. 12) Laura Suman

    Definitely diggin my hubby in this pic! Haha! Love it all!!

  9. oh my gosh. BANANA CLIPS! i forgot about those – and seriously Dana, i rocked a banana clip hehehe – that was 100% my favourite 80’s hair accessory, and not gonna lie… i still try to wear it sometimes hehehehe

  10. 14) Cherie

    Woah, crazy! You grew up in the same city I live in!

  11. Have to say I my sixth grade self would have totally had hair envy. I could never make my bangs stand up longer than 5 minutes, and my sisters were not interested in helping me. LOL! Remember prairie shirts? Not sure they made a big splash in CA, but in NC they were all the rage. Puffed sleeves, diagonal ruffles down the front, diagonal buttons. Oh my word. So bad.

  12. lol.. yes, the funky 80’s… we were so totally cool!

  13. seriously, why DID everyone try to look so dang old in the 80s? 10 year olds dressed like 40 year olds…so true.

    my mom made my sisters and i neon striped stirrup pants and headbands/scrunchies, then bought coordinating neon shirts. rad indeed.

  14. Brilliant, brilliant photos. That top one just sums up real 80s style… if you can call it that! The colour of your middle sister’s top – has that ever been seen again outside the 80s? I look back with some irritation that through the years when I had a fab teenage body, the clothes were so darned oversized/boxy/baggy!

  15. Thank you for that! You were cute!! Haha im sooooo happy cheer uniforms have come a long way haha
    And a side note that i would have not thought was true if you told me to my face. You are 12 years older than me! What?!? You really really dont look it! I thought you were my age! But i never really did the math with lucys age. I just assumed!
    So anyway, my birthday was yesterday and that was a great treat to see your 1987 family :-)!

  16. Ok i had to look again. Owen looks just like your youngest brother And how did your parents get you all to look at the photo at one time?!? You and your sisters i understand but your brothers are looking too! Its not like they had never ending chances like us. I take 20 photos and the one that looks good is blurry or someone isnt looking! And thats with us big people in the picture too! Haha

  17. Oh you are SO CUTE! It’s crazy that I can see your kids in these photos!

  18. LOVE the 80’s pic Dana. Brilliant stuff.

    and then i saw the halloween party pic too!! Almost as brilliant! Good ol’ days, eh?

  19. This is hilarious! The hair in that first picture is outrageous but totally in. 🙂 Thanks for the laughs.

  20. 26) Saunja

    OH MY GOSH!!! Where did you find that picture?!? That is hilarious!!! Haaaah… I love it! 🙂 We were so adorable.

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