Thanks! and wow, the perfect thing for the china cabinet

Thank you for all the well-wishes yesterday! I know most of us have never met but I think of you as friends too, so I appreciate your excitement! And congrats to those of you who are also expecting, who are on the verge of delivery, or are a week overdue. Fingers crossed for you. There’s a lot of baby happenings in blogland these days!

To answer a few questions:
* Noooo way; I can’t squeeze into my wedding dress. I took the wedding pics 3 months ago since I knew a big tummy was coming.
* The polka dot shirt is from Forever 21. It’s one of my favorite spots–along with H&M–for knit “maternity” shirts. I love that long shirts are in!
* We’re very excited about our baby-girl-to-be and the pregnancy was planned–though it took me a while to get to this point.
* There will definitely be some baby and maternity projects in the works! I’m sure I’ll celebrate at some point!
And now just a quick update on that china cabinet and new chair. It’s finished! I’m going to share them both later this week. We pulled the cabinet into the house over the weekend it looks beautiful. Then Casey asked, what are you going to put in there?
You know, stuff.

To be honest, I’ve been wondering what cool things I could put inside since I don’t have any unique dishes (other than white) and my collection of tschotskes is small but growing.
Then yesterday I made a last minute decision to drop things off at the thrift shop (since I’ve been cleaning out baby clothes).

It must have been good karma for giving my goods away, because I scored the perfect items for the china cabinet!
If you live in the Austin area, my favorite thrift shop is The Caring Place in Georgetown. It truly is a thrift store, with reasonable prices, who gives back to the community. Just this week they opened a new “antique” room, filled with vintage items donated from Estate sales. I stumbled in there and couldn’t leave! Here’s what I found….
These funny butterflies will look perfect on our blue walls–you’ll notice a very yellow and blue theme throughout this post. There are small hooks on the back for hanging. I love them! (only $1). Kind of an updated look to our other Butterfly Sanctuary.
A random art painting–feels a bit Van Gogh to me. I have no idea where it will go, or if I even want to hang it in our house. But I bought an updated white frame for it so we’ll see if that improves the look.
These pillows are perfect in our front room. Not antiques–they’re from IKEA! (but purchased at Goodwill) And they’re a soft satin/velvet combo. Really pretty and washed up great–only $2/each.These textiles were in the antique room and couldn’t be passed up. For $1 I found this gorgeous linen with machine-embroidered flowers. One dollar??
This 1/2 yard of vintage cotton was real cute too. Maybe a baby blanket?….
Another cute fabric–used to be a curtain–and a sweet kid’s apron that I hope someone can shed light on.
You were so great clue-ing me in on the little girl bowl from my last post. Anyone know about California Junior Miss? It’s darling! Reminds me of 4th grade when we studied California history and did a “walk around California” in our school library.
And now for my BIG find.
I love this. All of it.
And it looks gorgeous in the China Cabinet.
I came across some beautiful stone dishes in robin egg blue. And a few yellow accent pieces to go along.
In fact, the antique room was bursting with cool finds and vintage pyrex in greens and yellows, for very reasonable prices. You guys would have been mad at me for the things I didn’t buy….cool white serving bowls, jars and jars of vintage thread on wooden spools, antique doll bed (for only $10)….but I had to draw the line somewhere.

So I picked up the gravy boat and cream pitcher.
A lovely stack of 8 bowls ($2 each).
Beautiful cups ($3 each).
And these two are my favorites–large yellow pyrex bowl ($7) and a large blue pitcher ($10).
The lady at the register was kicking herself for not swiping this pitcher before I did. I told her I have a thing for blue and yellow. She said she did too!
And there you go, a lovely set of new dishes for the cabinet. More money than I normally spend at the thrift store. But really, they are the perfect pieces.
And….one last caboose. A vintage bedspread in yellow and blue–$25.
It’s too big for our bed so I’m not sure what to do with it. But I think it would make a cool throw blanket on our couch–I need to cut it down a bit and add a backing. Or curtains?? It was just too pretty with my yellow and blue dishes to say no!
What a fun thrift shop run!
And ironically….all my goods were wrapped in old sewing patterns. They must have a 6th sense there.
Have a great Wednesday!

  1. 1) Emily

    Are these items still available ?

  2. 2) Lynne Tilley

    Oh Wow! Why don’t I ever find deals like this?? Good for you! šŸ™‚

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