T-shirt to Hoodie with GUEST: I Am Momma Hear Me Roar

Today’s guest is well-known for all things BOY. She has two of her own and never tires of creating new clothing, crafts, and cool furniture for them. Seriously. Just browse her BOY category and you’ll be saying “I need to make; oh that’s cool; oh wow! I’ve gotta try that one.”….it goes on and on.
Please welcome Cheri from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar!
Cheri is a total girly girl but she’s surrounded by boys. So her creative energy morphs into this coolness…..
I’m not sure which is my favorite–the mustache cake plates–or the superhero mask–or the rex socks? Okay, I like it all! But if I really had to choose my favorite thing about Cheri’s site, it’s gotta be her home improvement projects. Her house is a boy’s playground! She recently transformed the boy’s bedroom into a superhero room with a bed-loft/slide. She created a batmobile car/reading nook. And just this week she posted a new car table that she whipped up on a Saturday.
Really? Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned the actual “play room” she also revamped. Cheri is a superwoman.
And today she’s got another cool boy idea for us–a T-shirt turned into boy’s hoodie. Can’t wait to try this one out!
Let’s hear from Cheri…..
Hello! I’m Cheri from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar. I am more than thrilled to be celebrating boys with all of you today. I love boys. I have boys. I want more boys. Boys rock. These are mine:

– Rex and Baden –

I come from a family of all girls and figured I would have all girls because that’s what I knew. Surprise. I found out I love having boys. They wrestle. They show me their sweet moves. They play hard. They laugh every time the word “poop” is said. They are boys.

I remember whining to my sister-in-law a while back that it was hard to make fun things to for boys. She said, “It’s not really, you just have to think a little harder.” Well, every since she said that I’ve been working hard to come up with lots of boy ideas and to share them with everyone on my blog. And? It’s been really fun. One idea leads to another.

So, here’s what I’ve cooked up for you today…

And an extra variation on it.

This is an inexpensive project and NOT too hard if you’re worried about the sewing. So, let’s get a move on. Who wants to make some spring jackets? Raise your hands please!

Owen and I are virtually waving our hands over here too. Thank you Cheri for sharing your genius with us! Just one more reason to hoard T-shirts when I see them. Seriously, will we ever run out of T-shirt transformations??
You’ll find the complete T-shirt Hoodie HERE on I Am Momma Hear Me Roar.

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