SYTYC Week 7: Gifts and Candy Bags

Growing up in a large family, specialty foods were rare. So for Christmas each year one our gifts was a food item…..and we didn’t have to share it with anyone. Dreamy.

So when the theme for SYTYC was GIFTS, I knew I had to carry the tradition on with my own family. I made, Candy Bags! Personalized to each member and filled with their favorite candy, they made the perfect stocking stuffers.

The zippered pouch concept is simple. And you can find the tutorial HERE, with instructions for added twists and embellishments. They’re so easy to make….you may become addicted.
Reese’s and Ruffles? MY kind of bag:
The The Fish Bag, for the Swedish Fish lover in all of us:
Need a gift for Dad?
How about a candy bag he can take to the office (for an afternoon snack)?

Lined inside with vinyl, if the chocolate melts in his bag (and not in his mouth), the clean-up is easy:

And for more variation…..a knit ruffle on the outside:

vinyl-lined dot fabric inside:
and plenty of colorful licorice, of course!

Let’s get this candy party started.
Grab your bag and fill her up. We’re headed to an afternoon movie, and I’ve got the munchies…..

Don’t forget to check out the theme for this week on SYTYC: New Year.
Happy Voting!

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