SYTYC Week 6: Mittens and Chandeliers

Ever feel nostaligic for another decade? Or wonder if you were born in the wrong year? I often think I should have lived in the ’20s; with fringe-y dresses, feathers and sequins in my hair, dancing all night to ragtime jazz. Of course that means I’d have to experience the ’30s too. Hmmm.
I guess I’ll be content with my 2009 mary janes and Banana Republic lacey tights. I’ll just kick up my feet and enjoy living in Today. And pay homage to the past with quirky crafts, home decorating ideas, 30 gloves and strands of gold sparkly sequins:
The theme for last week’s SYTYC challenge was: mittens. Not easy. But I tried to think outside of the box. And since I’ve never been a mitten girl, I went with gloves. When I thought of gloves, I pictured them upside down, dangling, with a droopy effect. Thus, the chandelier was born. I’m not sure I’d actually hang this in my house (maybe a kid’s playroom?). It was truly more of an artistic interpretation of the theme. Cause who said gloves were just for hands?

The construction idea for the project floated around in my head for a while (it took time to find the right pieces that would work). But it finally came together. So….our working chandelier is constructed with two embroidery hoops, small wooden dowels, a cardboard (spray-painted) tube, and the most important part: a free-hanging light from IKEA (or hardware store). It was really exciting to put it all together, plug in the light and realize….it works!
The real fun, however, was adding the decor. I originally hoped to have vintage gloves from a thrift store. But since Austin isn’t known for it’s cold weather, I settled on the cheapy 4 pack of gloves from Target/Walmart. Just sew all those gloves together, glue-on your glove garland, adorn it with frill, light her up and watch her glow.You gotta get a Shanda-leahr!

Unfortunately, the chandelier concept wasn’t as impressive to SYTYC voters as I hoped. So a HUGE thank you to those of you who voted me back for another week! I can’t wait to show you what’s coming up. But since we’re on hiatus for a week….you’ll just have to sit tight. Maybe you should kick up your feet too and enjoy the glowing light.

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