SYTYC Week 5: Super Snowflakes

What kid doesn’t love a snow day? Especially when you live in Texas.
Turn your house into a Winter Wonderland with our Super-sized Snowflakes.
Each flake is made from a full-size poster board sheet and painted with glitter. Just watch them sparkle as they dance from the roof.
It’s a simple process, but it does take tedious cutting time (so ask your husband to help, as you both watch The Christmas Story).

You can find the very simple tutorial on the button below or in the TUTORIALS section to the right:
I hung 5 Super Snowflakes in our house for the holiday season:
But years ago, I used this concept to decorate for a very large party. We hung hundreds of flakes inside a tall building with strings of lights and glittery/shear fabric, all meeting up in the middle of the ceiling (creating a tent-like effect). It was very fun and very festive:
And if have an adorable little friend like this….
(with bum ruffles, of course)
then your snowfall is even better.
(Her ruffles were made from gathered strips of knit, then sewn directly on to a pair of white bloomers. Similar to the directions given in my Sweater Stockings Pattern. And yep! our little girl has Baby Legs).

Now, head over to SYTYC for Week 6: Mittens. Many cute and interesting things! I just pray I don’t go home this week. Yikes….

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