Sweet Pea Pilot Cap with GUEST: Sew Liberated

You know those moments when you stumble on a blog….you’re completely blown away…..and you wonder, where have I been? How did I not know about this? That happened to me last week, with Sew Liberated.
Meg, the glorious creator behind it all, uploaded her 90 Minute shirt to the you MADE it flickr group (don’t worry, a “You MADE it” post is coming very soon!) and well, her photo immediately caught my eye. What was this cute matching hoodie on his head? Was it a hood? A hat? I had to know. And I’m so glad I asked.
But, I’m getting ahead of myself here….
Sew Liberated is a site you will fall in love with. Filled with wonderful sewing ideas, gorgeous photos, moments from her family-life, the list doesn’t end there. Meg has an entire Pattern Shop, AND a book!
Meg is someone you want to know. And lately she’s been in a hat mood. Check out a few of these creations…..
Does Finn get any cuter?
Let’s hear from Meg to find out what she’s sharing today……
The boy crafting began in earnest on December 8th, 2008. Finnian, then a 20 week-old fetus, knew nothing of it. He continued to lounge about in his watery world, legs crossed at the heels, lulled to sleep by the swaying of my belly as I moved about the floor on hands and knees, pinning a quilt. His quilt.
Having a little boy caused my yarn stash to bloom forth in greens and my fabric collection to ground itself in earthy browns. Having a little boy encouraged me to sew with knit fabrics, as my design goal was to make him warm and comfortable. Most of all, having a little boy has made me dream about hats, the ultimate male accessory.
When I found a jersey pilot cap for my son that was supremely comfortable, stayed on, and cute to boot, I had to figure out how to sew it up so he could never be without. The Sweet Pea Pilot Cap is the result – it’s easy to sew on a regular ol’ machine (no serger needed), there are no exposed (itchy) seams, and it keeps little heads warm. Click on over to my blog to download the free pattern and photo tutorial!
You can find the Sew Liberated Sweet Pea Pilot Cap Pattern and Tutorial HERE!
Thank you Meg for inspiring us with your very cool style.
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