Sweet Confections for you and me

I know, it’s January….oh wait! It’s February!
Does that mean a New Year’s Resolution or two can take a back seat?
Cause I know these truffles are calling your name….
I want to pop three of them in my mouth. Right now.

You know, when I took a break from sewing in December to share Sweets and Treats recipes every day I realized that yes, I missed sewing but equally YES, I love treats. I love eating them. I love smelling them. And I really love photographing them. It’s a different style than photographing fabric and fashion. And it’s no wonder 1/2 of my pins are for sweet recipes.

Pretty sure I’m preaching to the choir here.
So with Valentine’s Day right around the corner here’s a Sweet book you should nudge your Honey about. He buys you the book; you make the treats? Or vice versa? Everybody wins!
And speaking of winning…
We’re actually giving away 2 copies of the book today.
It’s called Sweet Confections: Beautiful Candy to Make at Home.
And seriously, it’s so yummily beautiful inside!
Homemade marshmallows….
Chocolate covered potato chips, Vanilla Caramels, Pecan Pie Taffy.
Yummy. And so pretty to look at. Do you love food photos as much as I do?
The book is also very informative, with tips about melting chocolate, making hard candies, things to avoid, things to try out. It was so fun to flip through the pages.
Want to win a copy?
Click HERE to enter the Sweet Confections Giveaway.

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