Summer Scart WITHOUT Elastic Thread

I know I said there’d be another post today about preserving memories.

But, a few of you sent me emails saying “help! I can’t make the summer scarf because Elastic Thread doesn’t work in my machine!”

So, we’ll talk memories tomorrow.
Today, I’ll show you another method for making the Summer Scarf….
It gives the scarf a different look and does seem quite as ruffly to me (which could have been my fabric choice. It wasn’t quite as “bouncy” as the other Summer Scarf fabric). But it’s still darling and a great alternative to the Elastic Thread method.

(for those of you who are having problems using Elastic Thread for the Summer Vacation Dress and Shortie, we may have an answer for you! A reader tipped me off to THIS great info. It may be that all you need to do is change the tension on your bobbin. Yep, you can change tension on your bobbin. Did you know that? There’s a small screw you tighten. Check it out HERE.).
So, if you’d like to make the alternative Summer Scarf,
I’ve added all the info to the original Tutorial HERE. Just scroll down inside the tutorial for the details.
And enjoy your ruffles!
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