summer dresses and summer testers

Hello! I’m alive!
Sorry for falling off the blogging world for a week and a half.

Wish I could say it was for something fun, like spending the week at a beach house with a baby who has no interest in eating sand and children who whistle while they work.  But it wasn’t that lavish.
But the outcome is still pretty fun…..
I was hard at work on the new shorts pattern!
It’s almost done!

It’s now in the hands of pattern testers….but I could use a little more help.  This pattern is for Boys and Girls and has a great range of sizes from 12 months up to 10 years old.  And I need a few more people to test the 9 and 10 year old sizes for me.  If you’re interested please leave a comment here (I only need about 2-3 people). Thanks!

** Update** Wow. You guys are fast with the comments!  I think I have enough people to test the larger sizes. Thank you all for the interest!

And in other summer sewing news….
If you’re looking for a cool new sewing class, Whipstitch just started their Summer Dresses e-Course!  Learn to sew the Modern BabyDoll Dress, the Button Swing Dress, the Drawstring Shift, and even a bonus project! (check out all the info here).

And check out how cute Deborah is, modeling them off.  I love this lady.

Deborah is the energy that makes up Whipstitch and she is 110% fun, talented, smart, funny, and well, just makes you want to sew, and makes you feel like it’s the easiest thing in the world.  You will love her teaching style and the video content to go along.  Woohoo!
Sign up for the class through the end of this week and receive a 10% off discount (the class will cost $99).

Okay, off to sew more shorts, shorts, shorts.
See you tomorrow!

  1. 1) Brandyn

    I could test a Size9 for a girl…I have a Niece that size. (0:

    • 2) Brandyn

      thebarksdales {at} gmail {dot} com

  2. So close! My son is in a size 8! But I will totally be buying when it’s ready!

  3. 4) Rachel

    I can pattern test for the bigger sizes. I have 2 year old up to 11 year old, so I could be your go to:) Let me know….my big girls need shorts desperately!

  4. 5) Sm

    I can test boys size 9! Thanks!

  5. 6) Lori

    I’d love to test the girl size 10!

  6. I have a 9 years old nephew so I could test that size. 🙂

  7. 10) Jenni S.

    I would love to test a dress – I can do size 18 months girls.

  8. 11) Jenni S.

    OH nevermind, I guess I shouldn’t read so fast!

  9. Hi! I would love to test a size 10 girl. My daughter just happens to be needing shorts and is not liking anything she sees in the stores. I bet I can get her to commit to fabric at least! 🙂


  10. I’d love to test a shorts pattern on my 10 yr old twin girls. (They keep trying to wear their skirts outside to play in, LOL) I guess that’s their hint to their “sewing mama” that it’s too hot for jeans, and I’d better hurry and make them something else. Ahh, so much pressure 🙂

    Loved it when Whipstitch had a store here in Atlanta. Such a cool sewing hang-out!

    • Oops! Guess I should have put in my comment that my girls are 10 and wear a size 10/12.

  11. 15) Sherry

    I can test both sizes with either gender as I have several nieces and nephews those sizes. They (and their moms) love to get new stuff.

  12. I would love to test your shorts, I have a 9 year old girl.

  13. Hi Dana,

    Very keen to aquire your pattern for my kids, Kate (nearly 6) and Ben (4). I struggled a lot with a pattern from the USA because of the measurements. Any chance you add metric measurements to your patterns?

  14. 18) Susan c

    I can help. My daughter wears a size 10.

  15. 19) Florence

    I could test girl size 10 for my girl….. and would love to do it ! I’m actually looking for nice shorts pattern for her…..

  16. 20) Jennifer

    I would love to test a boys size 10. Boy clothes are so tough to find cute pattern styles for, and I LOVE these!

  17. 21) felicia

    Don’t know if you still need anyone but I could test a boys 10

  18. 23) Paloma

    I know you already have a lot of takers but I would love to test this pattern! have a 10 year old girl who needs shorts with cool pockets!! Not that it makes any difference, but we’re in Austin too 🙂

  19. 24) Colleen

    I could do a boy 10. My younger son could use a new pair of shorts! Also have a baby nephew and a young niece, so I could test the smaler sizes as well.

  20. 25) Lois V

    I’d love to test this but it looks like you have enough. If you change your mind and decide you need more let me know! I could do a boys 10 or a girls 9.
    loisnaomiv at gmail dot com

  21. 26) Lorna Calaway

    I have a 10 year old grand daughter I love to sew for and we live in Arizona where we wear shorts most of the year. She saw the pic of the shorts and immediately asked me to make her a pair. Any chance I could? I have sewn for over 50 years and would be glad to take photo’s of her wearing them.

  22. I could test for a boy age 8 and a girl age 6 if still needed…


  23. 28) Cristin Vosburgh

    If you change your mind and want another tester for 2yr (girl) or 4yr (boy!) let me know! 🙂 It doesn’t seem you do…but just in case! 🙂 I always miss these things by the minutes!

  24. Oh, goodness! Is there anything cuter than plump baby legs and feet? That last shorts photo is a keeper. =)

    You’re clearly full up for testers, but if you decide you need someone to try out 3T to 5T sizes, I’m available!

  25. 30) Sharon

    If you still need smaller sizes, I was just thinking the other day that my little guy needs shorts. I could try 18 months- 24 months.

    PS. I’m a recent addict to your blog. Luv, luv, luv it! I’m totally into upcycling old fabric now and have been inspired to sew all the time since discovering your blog!

  26. 31) Juanita in OH

    Congratulations to all of the testers, this sounds like fun. TFS, Dana.

  27. 32) Christina

    Would love to test the shorts…I have a daughter finally in those sizes…if you are already full…will you be posting the pattern in your blog?

  28. Oh bummer! My son is a size 14 and would have loved to try it … maybe I’ll have more luck again.
    While they wait out the pattern because my daughter is a size 6.
    Thank you.

  29. 34) Line

    I just love theses shorts! but… am I normal in wishing a pattern would be available in adult sizes…? :-$
    Anyway, try to enjoy early summer with the kids too! Spring started this week in France & school will still be in full mode for 3 more weeks (at least for teachers like me :-D), so we’re still longing for summer.

  30. 35) JS

    Well my boy will be 29 this month. Need a tester for 29 yr. old boy shorts?? He would die if he even knew I was saying this on here!!! The chubba wubba legs on Clara are the absolute cutest. I bet you all just squeeze squeeze squeeze her all day!!! All the shorts look great by the way!

  31. 36) Leann Barron

    Greetings. I’d be honored to test for a 2-3 year old girl. thank you.

  32. 37) CARIDAD

    My daughter is a size 9, she would be very happy with your clothes¡¡¡ A lot of kisses for you and your family

  33. 38) Connie in California

    Hi Dana: I have a 9 year old grandson who is the grand recipient of pajama bottoms, t-shirts, etc. He wears a size 10 and I would love to test your pattern. Let me know…thanks! Connie in California

  34. 39) Wendy

    Yay, very cool looking pattern – do you think the wee sizes will fit over cloth nappies? Fingers crossed – if you need someone to test a 12 month size over cloth, just let me know.

  35. 40) Lis

    I’d be remiss to not offer just in case the other offers don’t work out.

    I have two girls:
    One age 7 who wears a 10/12
    One age 3 1/2 who wears a 4T

    PS – I *love* the seersucker shorts!

  36. If you ever need pattern testers for sizes 2T boys or 4/5T girls or newborn girl (I’m expecting in August), I would LOVE to test your patterns! I have been following your blog for years, and I have loved everything you’ve made- you are so amazingly talented!

  37. tengo dos niñas de 7 y 9 años y un bebe de nueve meses con talla 12 estaia encantada de poder tener el honor de provar tus pantalones. Gracias.!!

  38. 43) Marilyne

    Hi i would be very interrested for my two boys seize 10
    Just to tell you i love jour blog ans you really made me want to sew.
    M’y only issue ils t’ont get the correct correspondance un seize from américain tout french mesure!
    Marilyne a parisian fan or yours.

  39. 44) Marilyne

    Hi i would be very interrested for my two boys seize 10
    Just to tell you i love jour blog ans you really made me want to sew.
    M’y only issue is to get the correct correspondance un seize from américain to french mesure!
    Marilyne a parisian fan of yours.

  40. 45) Patricia

    Can’t wait for the patterns debut.

  41. 46) Katherine Harrington

    I wish you would include sizes 11-14. Please try and do it for new patterns and make more adult patterns.

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