Suburban Frock

Living in the suburbs.
My Sugar City Village Frock creations are done!
It’s always exciting to see a project come together, especially with an adorable pattern like this. And it’s even more exciting to have two versions. One for the hot days, one for the cold.

This and the City Frock (below) were not my first attempts at the pattern. My first version was made with a raspberry colored suiting fabric and when I finished, it looked like a Renaissance costume. I should have stuck with their fabric recommendation of cotton or linen! We learn from our mistakes. So for these two versions, I changed the fabric and also made adjustments for my skinny daughter by taking in many seams, reducing the gather in the yoke, and lengthening the sleeve portion on the City Frock (to make a long-sleeved winter dress). This summer version, however, felt like short sleeves to me:
The round buttons are supposed to be fabric-covered. But I liked the plain look better so I kept it simple and silver:
I added a faux tie on the cuff of each sleeve:
When you live in the suburbs, there’s a park on every corner. So put on your smock, a pair of shoes, and slide the afternoon away!
Thank you Sugar City Journal for an Adorable pattern! It was easy to follow and well designed.

Note/Question: I normally put my label in clothes I make but I didn’t feel right about adding it here. I thought about it over and over. Yes, this is my creation (made by my hands and with my own flair) but it is not my design. And thus, I shouldn’t take credit for it. I almost wish the pattern came with a cute Sugar City label to sew in. How cool and cute would that be?? Fellow sewers, any thoughts?

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