style guide to dressing your little man with GUEST: Xoelle

Happy Thursday afternoon!
Thursday is always my favorite day of the week cause the weekend is just around the corner….

And if you’ve got a family outing planned or family pictures to take, we’ve got a clever Style Guide to Dressing your little man today. Our guest is Laura from the colorful blog XOELLE.
Her site is playful, cute, quirky, bright, and filled with interesting photos. I’m ready to eat a corn dog and go for a ride.
And….she drives a Madsen bike! Totally jealous? Me too. A trip to the post office never looked so fun.
But most of all, Xoelle is known for Bow ties and unique Journals. Laura’s shop is on vacation right now since they just moved from Florida to Hawaii two weeks ago. But soon she’ll be back! In the mean time, just browse her blog and you’ll find plenty of colorful inspiration.
Today she’s created a very clever styling guide for dressing your little man. She’s got six different style categories, links to where you can buy these cool things, and she blends it all with a funny sense of humor. So let’s hear from Laura of XOELLE:
If you are the mama of a little boy then you already know that the clothing selection at your average department/retail/box stores for tiny males is really very limited- and that’s just for everyday sort of wear. What about white dress shirts? Dress slacks? A suit jacket? A proper bow tie? Not happening.
I learned this when I was searching for an outfit for my son to wear to his blessing before he was born. Not only could I not find a simple white dress shirt and slacks for a newborn, I couldn’t find a single button-down shirt without sports or transportation screenprinting/embroidery on it or a pair of pants without cargo pockets/patches/intentional wear in any size. Thus began my education in the little man’s Sunday wardrobe, and it’s an education that I’ll pass right on to y’all…..

Check out the complete Style and Dressing guide HERE on Xoelle.
Thanks Laura for your creative ideas!
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