Just a few things to mention…

– I know the blog has been “graphics” heavy this week. I promise to mix it up and share some sewing-related projects next week!

– If you’ve entered an image in the Design My Header Flickr group, I’ve gone through a left a comment saying “Entered!” under each entry….just so you know that I’ve seen it and that you’re part of the contest. It’s been really hard NOT to say anything else in the comments like, “I love this!” Cause I don’t want to sway you in one way or another as to what you should design. So I’ll keep my mouth closed till the contest is closed. But there are tons that I like!

Also, as new entries come in, give me a day to check the flickr group, leave my comment and then if for some reason you don’t see “entered”, let me know.

– Project Runway recap post? Yes. The goal is to have one up tomorrow. But I’ve got to be honest…I’m not sure if I’m up for doing them the whole season long. I love that the posts open up a dialogue for us to vent, cheer, complain, and laugh. But at times I just want to sit on the couch, watch, and then carry on with normal life the next day. So I’m wondering your thoughts on the Runway Rundown posts. Keep doing them? or not worth the effort?

– If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing the photography ebook I keep talking about, The Key to Taking Photos like a Professional Photographer….well, this is the last week that the book will be for sale at the introductory price of $16.95. So buy it now! If you’d like to peek inside the book, read my detailed review here.

– I spotted this umbrella the other week and totally laughed. Really? Is it worth hauling that thing to the beach? Of course I do have to applaud her reduce, reuse, recycle attitude. It may belong in the dumpster but at least it’s shading her head.
Have a great weekend!

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