Star Wars and Sisters

In all my sewing/blogging time I never thought I’d be doing a post called:
I’ve seen the films yes. I like the old ones. I hate the new ones. Harrison Ford was brilliant. Han shot first. Luke is good comedy. Leia’s hair always spoke to me. But…..I’m not one of those STAR WARS people. So if you are, then this post is for YOU!

Two of my sisters (who were neither born on Hoth nor answer to the Sith but are both very creative) made some Star Wars themed items lately. So it got me to thinking….if I’ve posted about pirates, certainly I should Celebrate the STAR WARS BOY too. So here we go, my round-up of Star Wars stuff.
For my nephew’s birthday last month, my oldest sister Saunja threw a Star Wars birthday party:
Some of you asked if my sister has a craft blog and sadly, she doesn’t. So I’ll just share her ideas with you here. She made “robes” for each child. But to make the process easier, she made a simple cape and attached a hood (sized from one of her son’s hoodie sweatshirts):
For games there was Pin the Light Saber on Yoda:
She made the Yoda by drawing him from a picture and then painting him in:
Then there was Don’t Eat Boba Fett. This is a game we’ve played in our family for years, though it’s usually called Don’t Eat Pete. It’s perfect for Cub Scout get-togethers.
Don’t Eat Pete Game:
* Throw a pile of M&Ms (or chocolate chips) on the ground (or on a numbered card as she did here)
* One child goes out of the room and the group selects one M&M who will be “PETE”. Make sure all the kids know which one Pete is.
* The child comes back in the room and tries to figure out which candy is Pete. He keeps pointing to a candy asking “Is this Pete?” If it’s not Pete, he gets to keep that candy. And he keeps going till he finds Pete. And he ends up with a pile of M&Ms to eat.

SO simple but so much fun. The kids love it every time.

Next, there was a Yoda cake:
And then the moment all the kids were waiting for, Light Sabers! Saunja made these with some sort of “foam pipe covering”. She was going to spray paint them but decided instead to cover them tightly with knit. She cut strips of fabric, wrapped it around and glue-gunned it down. The handles are done with black tape:
Then all the kids went at it. My brother-in-law Dennis even got in on the action.
There are many other Star Wars party ideas online. Just do a Google search. More on that later in this post.
My next sister, Camille, has always inspired me with her artwork and incredible talents. Though Star Wars is far from her personal style (she’s quite modern) someone hired her to paint this mural on their son’s wall. She shares a bit of the process on her short blog BDC: Build Design Create
Using an overhead projector, she draws the image to the wall:
And then begins the painting process:
After many long days…….the Finished Product:
She’s used this process to paint large cut-outs for kids birthday parties, for church/school play scenery, and for artwork in her home. Of course she’s a true artist, so everything is immaculately perfect.

It’s fun to have creative sisters. We’re always bouncing ideas off of each other.

And just to share all the Suman Sister creativity with you…I do have one more sister (and two brothers also). My 19-year-old sister Meredith is a genius at Graffiti Art. Though I’m not sure where she’ll go with it (or what the Sharpie Marker ink is doing to their arms) it’s really cool to see what she comes up with. Here she is in her craft:
Huh. Who would have thought that a post about Star Wars would bring all the sisters together?
Here we are all together. This is THE only photo I could find of the 4 of us in the past 5 years. What tha? We’d better take an updated pic this summer.
(from Left to Right) Dark-haired ME with 6-month-old Lucy, Camille, Saunja, and Mere:
Okay, enough sister shmister talk.
Back to the subject at hand. Droids and Sabers……
Planning your own Star Wars party?
Find some great ideas HERE, along with cool Star Wars Cupcakes HERE and HERE:
Do you knit? Check out THESE:
Make some cool Starwars paper crafts HERE. Chewie and Boba Fett are my favorites:
Cool Party Favor idea – Light Saber Pencil Holders with complete tutorial:
You can find four different “dollar store crafts” on a cool site HERE:
Or use your vintage Star Wars sheets to applique burp cloths:
Turn your vans into Darth Kicks and Imperial Walkers HERE:
* Death Star Pinata idea HERE.
* Make your own Millenium Falcon bed HERE. It’s bizarre, but so is most Star Wars stuff.
* Make “Super Deformed Star Wars Dolls” HERE. Kinda funny, with big heads.
* Plush action figures Tutorial HERE.
* Star Wars rings or magnets idea HERE.

And if you just want to be original and make your own Freezer Papered Stencil, use our tutorials here:
And choose from one of the images below. Try it on a shirt, pants, shoes or a bag:
Phew. And, “scene”.
Enjoy your Star Wars-y crafts. And may the force be with you.
I had to say it, right?

Go see the cool Soft Book that Thimbly Things is sharing on Made by Rae today:

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