Sprinkle Shirts Tutorial

I know what you’re thinking….why is she talking about sprinkles and BOYS? Sounds a bit girly.
Well, here’s the backstory…
Owen is very into the letter O right now. Anytime he sees it, he yells out “that’s my name!
So I wanted to make an O for Owen shirt. I wanted it to be colorful and fun but still….cool?
And while I loved how it turned out, I showed it to him and he said “it’s a donut with sprinkles!”
I guess that’s a compliment in 3-year-old speak? I’ll pretend he meant “that’s a cool shirt mom!”

So my little letter shirt is a sprinkles shirt. I’m okay with that.
And since I had so much fun making O, I made one for Owen’s little friend too….
O is for Owen, L is for Lyndon.
These shirts are very easy to make and I’m sure it’s pretty obvious what I did here. But I’ll walk you through the simple steps anyway. And if you’re a person who likes a good “sit at the park or in front of the TV and stitch” kind of project, then this is right up your alley!
You’ll find the complete Sprinkle Shirts tutorial HERE (and in the Tutorials link at the top of the blog)
Two fun Sprinkle Shirts!
I hope your little guy (or girl) likes donuts too.
And in case you’re wondering how Lyndon feels about it all….
He’s a donuts guy.
Oh how I love boys.
Happy Sewing!

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