1. 1) Anette

    The code SPRING doesn’t seems to work?! Is it not longer valid?

  2. 2) Berna lou

    Hi.. iv been watching you youtube tutorials…and i want to sew dresses for my 2 year old twin girls….but im having hard time finding the free pattern you said you have in your made everyday site .. can you pls help… tnx so much in advance

    • 3) Dana

      Hi Berna,
      Which free pattern are you referring to?

  3. 4) Gabriele Mia Bauer

    The “spring” code doesn’t work. Maybe i am doing something wrong?

    • 5) Dana

      Sorry, the sale was only for that one week in the spring.

  4. 6) Sheri

    (My email typed in caps which is incorrect but wouldn’t accept lower case letters.)
    I am looking for the 3D mask pattern.
    Thank you

  5. 7) Tricia Hollingsworth

    Where do I find the little girls dress patten. Thanks

    • 8) jane menger

      i watched your you tube channel on circle skirts, and you have a free pattern for infants and i can not find it can you please help me thank you

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