Spray Painted Pillows with GUEST: V and Co.

Our Guest blogger today is one of my favorite people and someone I’m sure most of you know. The funny, clever, and whitty voice behind V and Co.
It’s Vanessa!

Oh why do I love Vanessa?….
Why don’t I???
She’s someone I can email with at 2am (because I know that we’re both up working on tutorials), we bounce ideas off each other, her humor is infectious, she drinks diet Dr. Pepper, she has cool shoes, she’s amazingly talented, and I get to meet her in person very soon! We’re going to the International Quilt Market and the BlogHer Conference together. Yippeee!

But what I love about V and Co. is that aside from the really cool stuff she makes…..
(did you see her latest quilt? are you in love? me too. With the baby and the quilt):
But yes, aside from all that really cool stuff she makes…..

Vanessa proves that living in a small town does not have to be boring. In fact, it’s downright fun. There are crazy amounts of ginormous zucchini, cows in your backyard:
Slip ‘N Slide (and muddy slides):And extremely adorable children:
And since most of her creations cater to the girl in each of us, I’ve been really excited to see what her BOY contribution is this month. So, take it away V!

Hi there! I’m Vanessa of V and Co. I’m so excited to be part of celebrate the boy month!

I’m a stay at home mom with 4 little ones ranging in ages of 10 to 3. I’ve been blessed with three awesomely rambunctious boys and one girl. She came at the end so I’ve had the “boy life” and “boy sewing” experience a little bit longer than I’ve had the girly stuff.
One thing is for sure….there are a ton of girl things out there, and not much for the boys! I’ve been struggling with my boys’ room for quite some time. They all share a room. And to be honest it looks really boring in there. I don’t want it to be too juvenile, as my 10 year old is getting closer to becoming a pre-teen, but I also want them to enjoy their personal space.

So this is the year I’m finally going to figure it out and try my hand at something I’ve been avoiding for as long as I could remember! Decorating a boy’s room.
My boys LOVE (to the point of obsession)…clones troopers from clone wars. I am often in the wrong and call them “storm troopers” seeing that those are the kind of troopers I grew up with. I’m quickly corrected and set right by one of the three boys and often times all three of them will chime in at once “MOM! they’re CLONE TROOPERS!” sheesh sorry.

So I decided to use the two posters I bought a couple of months ago as inspiration for throw pillows on their bed:
Today I’ll show you how to make these throw pillows using spray paint, some circular objects around the house, and freezer paper. Much like my tutorial I did for my wheat pillows, only this time it’s “boy edition”!
Vanessa, your Star Wars timing is too perfect. Thank you for sharing your great ideas with us. You can find Vanessa’s Tutorial HERE on V and Co.
and go check Rae’s Guest with her totally, freaking, cool Paratrooper Softies. You don’t want to miss it:

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